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Reminder; Activity and Recruitment!

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Just a reminder, guild space is limited based on activity (the more activity, the more guild points to spend on making the member limit bigger!)


This means any ADK member that does not log on for a reasonable amount of time without notification (usually more than 3-4 weeks), or any non-member who has not logged on or checked in for at least 2 weeks MAY be temporarily removed until they come back.   If you find yourself removed, don't worry!  Just check in with a guild officer to be re-added when you're ready to play again :D


This allows us to grow the guild with people that are helping out -- as you know the more activity and playtime you all have, the more the game rewards the guild and lets us give back -- guild experience = guild points = passive AP/Acc/DR/etc boosts! 

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Work towards hitting 45+ so you can participate in scroll nights, participate in any guild quests that happen (we're working on doing more of these), and play the game!  Most activities including levelling help to contribute to your 'Activity' level in the guild chart, even trading and whatnot-- and this along with guild missions go towards levelling up the guild, giving us more points in order to increase member cap, add passive membership buffs, etc.

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