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The good, the bad, and the shameless

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Hey folks! Here I am again with another seventy-five-cent rant (fucking inflation). This time I'm laying it out there for BaTtLeFiEld 2042?! 

Lets dig in!



What Happened to Battlefield 2042?

To say that Battlefield 2042's release was plagued with “a few bugs” is a damn understatement. The release was a nearly unplayable, buggy mess, very similar to the Beta. There were bundles of glitches, crashes, and poor gameplay experiences. The worst issues were the glitches that prevented players from gaining xp from the matches they played in a poor attempt to stop cheating. For a short time you couldn't level up. After all, we like to level up in shooters, right? 

Even the 128 player game modes weren’t tracking xp at all for a short time. Sure, Battlefield 2042 had other, smaller modes, but the real reason people flocked to the franchise was for the huge “battlefield” style maps that we were accustomed to.

The list would be very long if we were to go over everything that was fundamentally broken with the game. It would take almost as long as it took for players to see significant changes... which was months.  Even going into 2022, most players would find that their loadouts would vanish, revert to stock loadouts, or their characters would just freeze when moving. Instead, people like me played Battlefield V, which has worked properly and hasn't stopped working perfectly.

Though bugs can be fixed, the biggest shit sandwich of Battlefield 2042 is that it just wasn’t fun. 

The Battlefield formula hadn’t changed in years, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the changes that were made weren’t really fun at all. The Specialists were lampooned by fans as a poor replacement to the previously lauded “Class” system. There was no single-player campaign, and some maps didn’t even work properly.

You even had 200,000 people sign a petition to try and get refunds for the game, myself included. 

Did Battlefield 2042 Improve?

Last month we saw a return to the class system. The Idiot-Specialists would have classes to be categorized into Assault, Recon, Support, and Engineer. Now you aren't just a retarded forced-specialist, you are a retarded forced-specialist with a class system! This feels far more familiar to me as a long-long time Battlefield player. Then they also tossed in a new Class Trait system. Unfortunatly, weapons can still be used by anyone. Overall, this is a major change and a welcome one indeed.

The current lineup of maps are so much better than the launch maps. The smaller maps are more thought out and tighter. There are new vehicles, new weapons, and other general improvements to the game as well. Players, of course, aren’t nearly as upset with the game now, but it is far from perfect. However, I feel like Battlefield 2042 has never been better. 

Does That Mean That Battlefield 2042 is Worth Buying in 2023?

If you can pick the game up on sale with some extra content tossed in, sure, knock yourself out. But don't go spending full price on the game, especially when they lowered the price at one point and jacked it back up when they dropped the major changes update. If you do end up playing it, message me and I might install it again.

Mind you, I just installed it and I couldn't even get my character to stop spinning in a circle when I loaded into the match.

Fuck you EA.

Feel free to check out this general positive video from some random prick on Youtube.





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