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Do you think Urgot is a bad champion?

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@[member='KeezyEnraged'] I dont think he is a bad champion at all, the problem is that he is very immobile and that allows alot of the current top lanes and jungles to punish his play throughout the game. 

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@KeezyEnraged Urgod I honestly believe is a decent champion, I just think people pick him to troll and have no idea how to play him / don't try at all when they do

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Urgot is a decent champion, but there could be some changes to his kit. Such as a stronger ult, to make him either do more damage to the target or become tankier than it does. Or possibly make the slow from the w just be a standard on his q when the e is on him, and then just have the shield be stronger? His overall mobility kind of defeats him, but a skilled player can usually still juke people.

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