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Simply WOW.

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Ran across an issue:


SLI and Crossfire fanboys won't like this, but sli and corssfire is not and may not for awhile be supported with VR. Sources with vr companies state it causes to much delay in refresh rates due to data lag between the physical cards (Which is why you can't get 100% out of each card).


I was reading a self proclaimed game dev state, "Running SLI should be used right of the bat. At least allow the customer to plug in each eye to a separate GPU". This noob obviously knows nothing and is speaking out of his butt. Hopefully you know that you can hook up any old gpu to a monitor, so you could run AMD to monitor one and nvidia to monitor 2 and work fine. It's pushing the maximum performance to one monitor is what sli is about.....

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Something like this in my eyes does not seem like it will take off. I dont see much practicality in competitive VR gaming and things like that because of frame rate issues and from the personal experience of almost puking from VR

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