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Ready to start back playing wow trying to hold off until new expatiation but I can't deny my first PC love the lack of attention anymore. Its all the boyfriends fault really he started back playing and now I'm well on my way too as well. Really missing the raids and dungeons old guild is gone now I think so Id be soloing it for a while hoping to finally level my blood elf its well overdue.

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i have always wanted to try this game but idk if i feel like paying a monthly fee for a game i just dont know if i would get my moneys worth... but i have always been just looking for a good MMO game such as this one as i love fantasy and mmo games and i have a friend who keeps telling me to buy it but honestly it looks really enjoyable so i might just have to give in to the pressure....


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@Dev4station @Lokaikgb @Astrobamf 

I have been playing a TON since pre-patch 7.0.3 which started a week ago. With demons hunters active and Invasions going on now is the time to come back especially if you do not have a level 100. if you pre-order legion you get to boost a character to 100. If you don't already know you can either boost 1 character from 1-100 instantly OR get a level 60 character pick 2 professions and if you use it on the level 60 character it will boost that character to 100 and you're professions you picked will also be maxed out. 

I personally play on Emerald Dream it is an RP-PVP server which means it is both a PVE/RP server and also has World PVP meaning you can gank and raid the other faction.

@Lokaikgb My advice to you is to try the game free you can download it create an account and level to 20 without having to pay. if you like it buy it and subscribe for a few months after those few months you should have enough in game currency (gold) to pay for you're subscription with the gold you have made instead of real money. currently it costs 39,000 gold for 1 month of membership which is not hard to obtain. to put it in perspective the gold cap (how much gold you can have on 1 toon) is 10 million gold.

If any of you would like to join me on my server i play on Emerald dream US ( as stated above RP-PVP) and i play Horde ONLY (sorry if i see alliance i immediately see red and kill them all.

my battletag is  ADKxMIKEY my main toons are Allistor (Destro Warlock) and Crowleeyy (BeastMastery Hunter) both are at least ilvl 705

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