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Russian Cruisers Released

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Finally the Russian cruiser line has been released and I have unlocked up to tier 6 as of the time of this post. Over all review:


We thought the German cruisers had "glass hulls" by way of low armor rating but nothing like the Russian line. It definitely takes skill and planning to be effective with these cruisers.  I have been dominated more then once with a single salvo with HE from other cruisers and bb's with these ships. Against the USA line of DD's these ships can get dominated too by the rapid firing guns, the Russian dd's can definitely dominate if they fire AP shells scoring massive damage quickly.  Positioning and angels are a necessity that requires every move of the rudder planned out way ahead of time. For now I refrain from being in the lead attack and have to slow down and escort bb's closely, hoping they do advance and not sit back at map edges. 


Due to the ships being bigger, mainly longer, then other cruisers of the same tier the maneuverability is not as good. Even with the rudder shift perk the turning radius is closer to a bb's then most cruisers. This adds to the first paragraph as far as planning each move carefully. 


The guns are definitely the high point even with lower or equal caliber with other ships in the same tier range they are amazing. Better then the German line, I have been averaging one citadel hit per volley on any cruiser and dd dumb enough to broad side to me, even some that aren't. This includes me going bow or fantail to the enemy ship so one gun is firing. The range is tremendous and still accurate at max range, though not as accurate and medium range is very flat trajectory compared. The ones I have unlocked that have planes are spotter planes allowing for even greater distance . Definitely the high light of these ships.


The AA is also quite good, and better then or equal to the USA line. As I run with the bb's I get quite a few kills and at least mess up the targeting of the planes. Not sure if you can load the AA perk instead of the sonar perk (not a fan of the sonar anyways), if you can definitely worth it.


They are fast ships too but that doesn't really help much as like I said you can not go it alone in these ships. So for me not an advantage or disadvantage as of yet.



The ships are IMO not op, but take more skill then most which is fine with me. The ships are balanced well enough to other lines just different from the other lines that it takes time to get your feeling for what you need to do to be decent with them. For sure one mistake or moment of not watching your mini-map you can be sunk with out notice, worse then the German line. But the guns and AA make up for it if you do pay attention and with a lot of practice.

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Tier 5 has slow reloads too, like a bb you have to hesitate some what to be sure.

Also warning: tier 5 hull upgrade you lose the spotter. I loaded the stock hull as 2000 hp and better AA isn't worth the loss of the spotter plane. Keeping range is more important with the dollar store armor. Edited by Bromance

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I got up to tier 7 and the armor is so bad... You basically can handle less then a dozen hits and that's it. The German line and Atlanta are better. I basicly give up. It's to frustrating getting dominated by a DD.... 

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