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Hello, I am SPETSNAZ-774/Ryan


       I have been gaming since I was a young kid. Now I am 20 going on 21. For the past several years I have been in various Video game clans/guilds/comunites, etc. I first began in an old HALO 2 clan know as PG/PraetoriaGuard. Ive been in TAW/The Art of War, M4D/Mad 4 Destruction, and many other groups for different periods of time. 

    As for games since I am currently busy with work and college stuff, I have been very limited in what I play these days. But I want to diversify again. I own several PCs (2 capable of gaming) Xbox1,X360, PS3, PS4, and various other devices. As I mentioned i have been playing a very limited amount of games recently, with the majority of that time being in EVE Online.

    My last gaming community that I am in is M4D, but my friends in there are gone, and I dont know anyone in there anymore, and most play games I dont want to play. So I have been looking around for a new group, which is how I came upon you guys and gals.

  Feel free to ask any questions and here is some info below.


Political Science/German
Favorite games
Eve Online, Halo, PlanetSide 2, BlackLight Retrobution, Skyrim, Morrowind, Total War Rome, RUST, AOM, Star Wars Battlefron (old ones), Crysis 2.

Favorite Music

Mongolian Throat singing, German Music, Russian Music, Armenian Music, Classic Rock, Korsakov.
Favorite color(non color)

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Hello and welcome to the =ADK= forums!

I hope you make new friends here and have fun c:


Teamspeak: TS.ADKGamers.com

If you haven't hopped on yet, don't be shy and come say hi~

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