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My introducion!

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i was thinking of a good introduction i could do since everybody wants to see something different, instead of posting the same stuff over and over just so they can get to playing. but i guess i'll try a little bit on this ;D but i forwarn you, i'm bad at writing. so, yea. sorry in advance ;p



Howdy! i'm Dray.. No, not Andre, and NOT DRE, just Dray, or Mac Dray, or Dr. Dray c:


I currently play with a clan called unexpected and i'm looking for something a little more. i love playing with them, they're super cool dudes and dudettes, but the committment just isn't there for a lot of them anymore. obviously your job and family come first, but when it comes time to playing and you go off playing other games because you don't wanna help the team farm it's kinda annoying because then you get really far behind in base building unlike everybody else.


To talk a little bit, and i'm serious when i say a little bit, because i don't have much to talk about my life for lol.

1. h1z1 is my main PC game, i play xbox 1 but only with IRL friends.

2. i like long walks on the beach

3. even though my name is Dray i can't rap, i can only rehearse a couple of lines from that "scary movie" that's making fun of 8-mile. so don't bother tellin me to spit bars, cause i'll just tell ya to fak off m8 c:

4. i'm very team oriented and i can keep information to myself no problem, along with following orders. i love raiding even if i'm only allowed to be apart of the recon team, atleast i know i'm helping the team out.


Well if you've read this far sorry for putting so much you said you wanted something different and i hope i gave that to you, or atleast a little bit of difference. <---btw fun fact, this took me about 5 minutes to type up, i have a certificate of typing for 80wpm c: pretty random, but meh. lol

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Hello and welcome to the =ADK= forums!

It was nice meeting you in Teamspeak yesterday even if it was for a short moment! 


Teamspeak: TS.ADKGamers.com

If you haven't hopped on yet, don't be shy and come say hi~

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Well Hello


I was given this site from a friend I played On NGT H1Z1 Server with.  I like playing on white list servers they are a little more interactive than public servers.  I played stronghold and NGT both were fun but I am always interested in new people and new friends.


I am 53 and I game with a wide age group the oldest friend is 60 the youngest is 22.  It's about the fun not the age.  I have a group I play a lot of games with and some like Battlefield is on your list.  


Not sure what you all are really interested in but I will answer any questions you may have.  






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