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Hopefully you're not too put off by the title, just figured I'd spice things up a bit. To save you the trouble of Googling, it's simply: I'm Brandon.


For the sake of getting a feel for my character and background, I'll rattle off a bit about myself-- please don't interpret this as braggadocios:


I've been a gamer my entirely life, both PC and console-- I began with an NES and a pre-windows Macintosh. (though I retired my evolution of consoles at XBOX360). I'm a big RTS game player, having competed professional in Warcraft3 and Starcraft2. As of right now, I only play H1Z1, as it's the type of game I can pour hours into without reaching a plateau where there's nothing left to do.


I'm also an avid outdoors-man, as I grew up in the woods in Florida (and still live there). I don't enjoy hunting, though I know how to hunt, and I'm not a big fisher, though I have experience there as well. I just enjoy nature. I have a degree in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology.


Lastly, I am a Ninjutsu instructor (15 years experience), and as such have lived in Tokyo to train with the best in the world. For the love of God, no, it's nothing like Naruto, LOL. 


What I'm seeking: an active community of players with at least the capability of maturity (even if it isn't displayed all the time) where inclusion is possible and I'm not always viewed as an outsider or "newb" even after putting in hours and hours of work both in-game and in teamspeak. I feel I can contribute tremendously in all areas, not only enhancing and enriching gameplay for others, but also (hopefully) the lives of those I play with.


Looking forward to your reponse(s)!

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