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Guest Pass Request/Giving thread!

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Submit a post here if you have a guest pass to give out for those looking, or post here if you are looking to get ahold of one!



Please keep it clear and concise whether you are looking/giving a pass!

Clear format examples:


[HAVE] 2 passes


[WANT] 1 pass




If you are giving, @ tag the person whose request you are fulfilling here to let us know it's complete, and then follow up with them via PM!

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turns out my guest pass thingy gave me 3 key codes


1 has been used.


I now have 2 more available for anybody who wishes to use them.


As usual, you must contact me in Teamspeak (Phantom Cruze)

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Hi there!

Im looking for one guest pass, im pretty interested in this game, does anyone have any left? EU if possible? If not, ill take anything. Thank you and see you in game! I will help someone too once i decide if i buy the game. GL HF!

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