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Bonfire's Season 6 Alistar Guide

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Hello and welcome to Bonfire, the best overall player in league of legends for ADK's guide to saddle up and ride the Alistar train correctly. Some of you may know me as the guy who died to a level 1 nasus for first blood who happens to of started off with dorans shield, some of you may know me as the guy who hit diamond playing mid lane, some of you may know me as the best support that NA solo que has produced in Silver. But don't let that scare you or think you may never be as good as me that is why i am here now, writing this long winded trolly introduction that has nothing to do with the champion thus far....so yeah lets get to it. 



P.S i was going to make a Mobafire guide, but i don't want the filth of the world to see my secrets i am revealing to you guys.


Why Pick Alistar?



-Good CC
-Decent base damage
-Good sustain in lane with his heal
-Can deny enemy cs with heal
-Counters some of the most popular supports such as Thresh, Blitzcrank, Braum and Leona. 
-Great for setting up ganks and outplaying during tower dive situations
-Incredible versatility allowing him to peel or initiate for his team. His ult makes this possible.
-Easy combo, thanks to Patch 6.3 Riot literally made this champion easy to play. If you happen to miss his combo, may the gods have mercy on your soul.


-Long cooldowns on his abilities
-Low base mana regen
-Easy to harass in lane
-Knowing when to peel/engage can be hard to newer players
-Low movement speed 
9 Armor Marks / 9 Flat Health Seals / 3 Flat Magic Resist Glpyhs / 6 Mana Regen Glpyhs / 2 movement speed quints / 1 armor quint
These are the runes i run basically every time i play Alistar. The Mana Regen Blues gives him with his mana problems in lane due to his high mana cost on his abilities. The movement speed helps him with roaming/dodging. 
The cunning tree is generally 100% the same every game. As for Resolve i switch Explorer for Tough Skin if i am facing a more heavy harass lane such as Lulu/Kog where Explorer would be fine verse a non threatening bot lane such as Ashe / Soraka where you won't be taking as much poke. 
Summoner Spells
Ignite + Flash is what i take 80% of the time, the other 20% is if they have a high burst assassin like zed/fizz. I generally won't take it vs leblanc as she is to quick to catch before exhausting her before combo unless we have instant cc/lockdown. 
Ability Sequence
Honestly, there is no set in stone leveling path. Either Q or E are the first ones you will max. Maxing Q gives you shorter cool down on your Q/W combo while maxing E gives you more sustain in lane. I normally max q every time but if my lane is super aggro i tend to max e for sustain or because my adc is trash. 
100%  Start, every game. No reason to get anything else unless they have a nidalee, lee sin or shaco. In that case getting 1 pot + a pink ward to ward your junglers entrance.  It doesn't matter what side you are on, ward his red entrance. Majority of shaco, lee sin or nidalee players will start opposite side of bot lane to early invade to steal a buff camp. Having it pinked will allow your top/mid/jungle to collapse for a free kill.
Early Game Rush / Essential Items
Try to get sightstone/boots on your first back, if you do happen to get a sightstone make sure to switch out your normal warding trinket for sweeping lens. If you can afford it also pick up a pink ward nearly every time you back. Some times i get my Relic upgraded into Targon's for more stacks/sustain in lane when vision isn't necessarily important early game like vs an Evelyn.  If my lane is shoved i tend to pink river and place a ward at her gromp if i am blue side or if i am red side getting a pink near her red entrance or golems. 
Core items / End of Lane Phase
The items i tend to go for when i am out of lanning phase. Some times i leave my boots at tier 1 and go for item rushes. Having Face of the Mountian, Kindlegem + Glacial  Shroud gives you a lot of tankiness without ult with 35% CDR which is great. I go for Glacial Shroud if they are more ad or kindlegem if they are more ap first. Also don't forget to upgrade sweeping to Oracle if you are level 9 and buy a damn pink ward.
Support/Utility Items
Example of Support/Utility items to buy on Alistar, please god never buy Ardent Censer.
Tank Items
Get one of these if truly needed for your situation, i rarely ever do and if i do its either Zz'Rot Portal or Frozen Heart.
Zz for pushing power coupled with banner or Frozen for CDR/Tank vs heavy ad comps. 
Example End Game Build
Hopefully you will never get to this point because the enemy team would of surrendered because they couldn't milk you.
Match Ups
The fact that i actually stayed up for 2 hours longer then i wish i had to because i had to write this section is absurd. 
Easy Match Ups
Skill Based Match Ups
Difficult Lane Match Ups
Not going to lie i got these pictures off solomid / google images
Warding when ahead
Warding when behind
Where to sweep to deny wards/vision
Champion Synergy 
In order from my personal favorite/best 
Alistar + Kalista 
Alistar provides the peel Kalista needs to put enough spears into her opponents to carry while also having a pocket flash alistar engage with her ult, giving Alistar 2 ways of engaging/disengaging a fight. 
Alistar + Vayne 
Alistar provides what vayne needs in the early game for peel/heals to help her scale into the late game while also being able to set up easy condemns. Poke lanes generally will give you a harder time so letting the enemy shove and calling for a jungle gank for flash knocking the enemy into your tower is always a good idea.
Alistar + Lucian
This lane is  probably the most fun when it comes to being aggressive, as is in alistars nature with lucians kit. Alistar enables lucian to easily follow up on his combo getting lucian to proc plenty of his double passive shots on the enemy while cc'd by alistar. 
Alistar + Sivir
Sivir's Ult gives Alistar mazing engage potential without the need to purchase a Righteous Glory. While also giving sivir the much needed peel she needs to do damage with her short range. 
Will post more later, but these are primarily the best with Alistar.  Obviously Alistar provides excellent peel/sustain in lane for every adc, but these are the best synergies that i know. 
Thanks for reading my guide. I will be doing more in the future when i have time, please leave a comment below on anything you want to talk about or have questions on or even on the next champion you may want me to do a guide on. Again, thanks for reading my support alistar guide.
Here is a link to my paypal for donations
Thank you and may the solo que gods bless you

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First ever guide written for league of legends, did many guides for runescape (thus why so many pictures). Hopefully it looks good and is written well. Was kinda bored after eating ice cream after saturday practice. 


I didn't include things like his flash or w/q combo as that is generally known across all league players, with the recent addition in Patch 6.3 riot has made it impossible to miss his w/q combo thus lowering his skill cap. 


I could go more in-depth on Team Fighting and Lanning but i will save that for another time or if i find the time update this guide with that sort of information, depends on whether or not if i am busy or not.

Edited by Bonfire

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Ignoring the fact that I wasn't mentioned...D:


I like the guide. Alistar is one of those supports that everyone should own and be able to play, as he can just do so much. Peel, engage, somewhat sustain, just everything you'd want in a support. His Ult pretty much makes him unkillable for the duration, so what else could you want?


I definitely know a few people that could benefit from reading this Kappa.


Green, what are your thoughts on the Keystone choice? I know you take Bond of Stone when playing Alistar, and I'd like to see a discussion about them :D

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I personally always max e on alistair and below is why.


I take bond of stone as my general kesystone mastery and i do this because ali takes less poke in lane by going this and because i max e, we can withstand more poke in lane. Bond of stone will take some damage away from my adc and transfer it to me and with me maxing e, I can simply shrug it off. I dont like maxing q because its a W-Q combo that ali relies on, not just a straight q. Yeah your q is up more but your w is still on a stupid long cd. Most of the time in laning phase you are doing a w-q trade then you e shrug off the damage. Making your e heal more only helps you naturally bully harder. Also because i spec heavily in the resolve tree, I also grab the increased hp regen by 50% up to 200% when below 50%. With bond of stone its harder to get there, but im going to regen almost all the damage im receiving when my adc takes poke. 


Basically bond of stone allows you to passively win lane harder coupled with e max. I think the points in cunning are generally wasted as you will rarely hit cdr cap on ali, and your heals are more used in lane and not late game. This kinda makes windseekers irrelevant because it gives very little armor early on, and late game your are a primary initiation tool and and you soak up aoe damage with ult and bond of stone.

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To be honest the only thing in here that isnt spot on is the fact you still recommend to take face of the mountain.

Face of the Mountian in the long run is better then Eye of the Equinox. Maybe in a certain light like late game max items, switching from Face of the Mountian and Sightstone to Eye of the Equinox to get another item may be worth it. But it depends on the match up. 


I get Face of the Mountian for the value it brings to Alistar's kit + Team. 

Face of the Mountian gives you 10% CDR / 450 HP / 10% Shield Scaling based off your Max Health / 2Gold Per 5

Eye of the Equinox gives you 2Gold Per 5 / 500 Health / 100% Health Regen / 4 Wards 


Having Face of the Mountian gives you a shield to save carries while also giving you lower cd on your abilities based off the 10% CDR it gives. Also if you get Ruby Sightstone you get 500 More Health which just increases the shield amount from Face of the Mountian. 

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