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      H1Z1 Whitelist Server Application Process - MUST READ FIRST   04/25/2016

      PLEASE KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR APPLICATION AS WE WILL POST THERE WITH ANYTHING WE NEED.     SO YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR WHITELISTED SERVER All information regarding it can be found here. Hope to see you in game soon. If you have any questions please contact anyone in H1Z1 Leadership   First Step is to register on our site, once you have done that you can fill out this applications:     Rules: (These rules can be changed at anytime by Leadership - if a change is made all Whitelisted Members will be notified by a Message on our Forums - Please make sure to follow THIS forum to keep up to date on all information regarding the server and rules, this section can only be seen by members that have been accepted onto the server)   No Hacking No Glitching No Exploits This includes the Crowbar not taking damage exploit along with any other melee weapon No Stream Sniping No Buidling in areas that are not accessible by normal means (i.e. building on top of buildings)  This is not working as intended therefor not allowed. No building Structures through other structures (Only Exception - Large Structure through a gate) This includes player and non player buildings NO FLOATING SHELTERS Any Rule that is enforced by Daybreak Gaming will be enforced here No Third Party Applications (Quote From DayBreak Regarding this):   We have a 3 Strike Policy: (Depending on the severity of the action it could be less) 1. Warning (Verbal Warning In Game) 2. Kick (Verbal Warning In Game) 3. Permanent Ban   If you have any issues with ANY players in game, or you see someone hacking/cheating we have a section where you can report these players. This means that everyone playing on the server can be reported; including ADK members.    Understanding the Application process   There is only a few of us that can give out keys to the server. While it would be nice to have 24 hour round the clock accepting applications or making it a automated response it takes away from the accountability of checking the players out. Applications will be responded to as quickly as possible, and should receive a response within 2 Days.   If more information is needed on your application we will ask, if you do not response to us within 5 Days, your application will be denied and you will need to reapply.   Making The Application Go Faster   To be sure someone in your group gets in quickly really depends on them, and here are a few things that will delay an application in which will require more time. Answering NO to server rules or Hacking/Cheating Policy Someone with a New Steam account Not giving us your steam link Having your profile on Private Common Mistakes    If you have a message saying that you have been Accepted and you have nothing in your email or junk email please verify your email address that you provided when you registered on =ADK= website. I have seen several times now this  has been the issue.   Please be sure that you are logged into your proper daybreak account when activating your key.      Other Things to Know Please Do NOT put in more then one application. If there is a error on your application, we will respond to it and you can correct it there. By adding more then one application you are slowing down the application process for everyone.   You do not have to join ADK in order to be on this server, so please make sure you are applying to the proper applications.   ADK Disclaimer ADK Leadership reserves the right to decline an application or remove a key at anytime for any reason.   Playing on our server is a privilege not a right.   **EMAILS REGARDING THE SERVER** By signing up for the ADK Whitelisted Server you understand that from time to time we will send you emails regarding the server. As everyone is not on our forums 24/7 or on our Team Speak we need a viable way to communicate with the server members. Please read the pinned topic for more information regarding this and actions that might be taken if you do not agree or mark our emails as spam. What happens if I select NO on the application? If you select NO on the application, you application will be on hold until you accept that portion of the application.  As stated above we need to communicate with members of the server regarding important information What happens if I mark the email as SPAM at any time? As we can track every individual who marks an email as SPAM we will be notified when you do.  We take SPAM emails just as serious as you, which is why we do not sell or send you anything that isn't related to the ADK Whitelisted Server Marking emails as SPAM will result in an automatic removal from the H1Z1 Whitelisted Server.  If you truly do not want IMPORTANT notifications regarding the server you can always unsubscribe at the bottom of the email at any time. If we find that you are complaining about something that was notified via email and you unsubscribed, there will be a temporary suspension from the server if you continue to make complaints.    So as we have mentioned, we take SPAM emails very seriously. Just like you, we hate them. But we do need to communicate with server members from time to time, and as you are a part of this server we would like to communicate with you.        Application for the server can be found here: CLICK HERE TO APPLY
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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

Producer's Update : Survival

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Producer's Update February 26th

H1Z1 Quick Hits for Feb. 26th, 2016 – Chris Wynn, Executive Producer

Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read.  I know that many of you have poured countless hours into H1Z1 and all of the developers thank you for that.  We are in a phase where we are regrouping and refocusing, so your dedication is really appreciated.

I wanted to start a weekly update to share some visibility into what the team is currently focused on and highlight some of the latest work.  I will write this up every week and shoot to post an update each Friday.  If I am out of the office then I might not be able to write up an update, but I will try and get the news out when it will not happen. 

It will be pretty brief, I am prioritizing speed and timeliness over a beautifully written piece.  I just want to get a more regular system in place to provide updates out to all of our players.  Each week I will provide a brief update on the current priorities and focuses for the teams, along with updates to the next planned update.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what the H1Z1 teams have been focused on over the last week.


Bug Fixes that affect both games

We are increasing our focus on quality of life issues and getting focused on fixing a lot of the lingering bugs in the game.  Here are some of the fixes that we made over this last week.

  • Helmets are the same now, no differences between motorcycle helmets and military helmets, they will behave the same.
  • The camera is now a lot better to use for looking up and down.  This is great for looking at items on the ground, the player head is not so obstructive for picking up objects.
  • The shotgun has been tuned and fixed.  We believe you will not see any more ghost bullets.
  • Prone spamming is out.  There is now an animation cost to going prone and standing up.
  • Real 3d models are in the world for pickups.  No more wondering if it is a regular backpack or military backpack.  What you see is what you get.
  • There is a hit indicator on the reticule, be sure when you hit and do not hit an opponent.
  • AU servers should now have shorter queue times.

Current Focus for Just Survive

The JS team has been working on introducing new zombie types (3 brand new zombies) and enhancing the AI.  In addition they are now able to pull from our full library of wearables so zombies will have way more variety in them.  I don’t have an ETA at the moment, but we are working on putting up a couple of servers that will have restricted base building areas around the populated areas of the game to see how that plays out and address issues that we see around base building.

Bug fixing will become a larger focus for the JS team, I have read some quality of life posts on Reddit and other places to help prioritize where the fixes will go, so if you have posted any bugs that you have seen then I probable read it and incorporated it into our plans.


Current Focus for King of the Kill

For KotK we have a new mode prototyped and will get out to our test server in a few weeks for large scale testing.  Most of the KotK focus is on gameplay balance and fixing bugs like the ones above.  We are paying attention to what you all are telling us and will continue to have bug fixing as a priority.


Next Planned Release

Tentatively March 9, 2016


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Producer's Update March 4th

Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read. I know that many of you have poured countless hours into H1Z1 and all of the developers thank you for that. We are in a phase where we are regrouping and refocusing, so your dedication is really appreciated.

This week’s update will be a little more brief than last. I have decided to split these in half and one week will just talk about Just Survive and then the next week talk about King of the Kill and continue to alternate like that each week.

Before I jump into what’s to come for Just Survive, there is one overall topic that I wanted to address first and that is in regards to trade delays on Steam. We are watching the player feedback on this topic and discussing internally. For context, we instituted trade delays to deal with significant organized fraud being attempted against the marketplace. That fraud is bad for the game, bad for the company, and bad for players. No one wins. That being said, timers for trade lockouts are adjustable, and we will make changes going forward to try and find that balance between convenience and fraud control. No updates to the timers this week, but this is something that we will use data and your feedback to determine in the next several weeks and see what we can learn there.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what we changed in Just Survive this last week. All of these changes are now on their way to our Test servers and will be pushed to the live servers on March 9th.

Bug Fixes

  • Silent bullets should be gone, you should hear those suckers now.
  • The popping up on a door to teleport to the roof glitch is gone. For now, to fix this we simply removed doors from the top floors of buildings. We are closing in on a proper code fix to this issue, but went ahead and removed the doors to get rid of the exploit.

Current Focus for Just Survive

For the most part, the team was very reactionary this week. We attempted to push an update that included the new zombies (Screamer, Gasser, and Exploder) and zombie AI last Friday. This update failed internally and as we started to unravel it, we determined that it would be easier to cease that effort and begin getting ready for a full update to our test servers which had not happened in some time. We are in the final stages of testing that update right now. This update will include some cool things, including the stuff that I discussed last week.

  • New zombie types as discussed previously.
  • Better zombie AI, way harder to deal with zombies now.
  • On the Cerberus and Bandit servers in the US region, these are the two servers where we are going to test the restricted base building. You will not be able to build a base near an urban area and will need to move out into the country a little bit. Both of these servers will be PvP, and you will see this functionality when we push the update up to our Live servers on March 9th.
  • Visuals are being upgraded across the board, from animations to our new map (codenamed Z2) which still has a lot to do but is looking fantastic. You can check out some of the work in progress here

Next Planned Release

Tentatively March 9, 2016

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Producer's Update March 10th

3/10/16 4:37 PM


Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read. I know that many of you have poured countless hours into H1Z1 and all of the developers thank you for that. We are in a phase where we are regrouping and refocusing, so your dedication is really appreciated.

I wanted to start a weekly update to share some visibility into what the team is currently focused on and highlight some of the latest work. I will write this up every week and shoot to post an update each Friday. If I am out of the office then I might not be able to write up an update, but I will try and get the news out when it will not happen.

It will be pretty brief, I am prioritizing speed and timeliness over a beautifully written piece. I just want to get a more regular system in place to provide updates out to all of our players. Each week I will provide a brief update on the current priorities and focuses for the teams, along with updates to the next planned update.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what the King of the Kill team has been focused on over the last week.

Ignition available for testing this weekend!

Our new mode in King of the Kill, Ignition, will be up on our test servers starting Friday, 9am PST until Monday morning, 9am PST.

At the start of the match players will find themselves on an ATV with explosives strapped to them. Players will need to quickly come up with a strategy for scavenging for gear to defend themselves and to make their way to one of a limited number of safe areas. If they are not in the safe area at the end of a countdown, their explosives will detonate and eliminate them from the match. There are fewer safe areas each wave, so the action only gets more intense as players fight over the remaining areas.

I really recommend trying it out. We will gather all of the feedback that we can from this test, make some changes and iterations and then find a good time to do it again. I see us going through a few iterations of that before it will be ready to go onto our Live servers.

Bug Fixes and changes (in the patch that went out overnight)


  • Prone spamming round 2 to fix the prone, crouch exploit that came out on the test servers
  • We removed the FOV camera change when sprinting
  • Hot fixes for an updated patch going out as soon as we can - Status
    • We are still working on the camera fix for inside buildings, the melee bug, and standing in truck beds. Our plan is toget those fixed as soon as we can and push another patch. My expectation is that will happen early next week along with some other fixes that we are tracking down.
  • We put in some server optimizations to shorten queue times.
  • Distinct audio now plays based on where your opponent was hit to provide feedback on whether you struck them in the body, head, hit armor, or hit a helmet.
  • Our new and improved gas visuals are no live. The impending gas ring now looks a lot nicer than it used to.

Current Focus for King of the Kill

The King of the Kill team is shifting some resources over to focus on console support to build up that game for the launch this summer. There is the underlying tech and rendering that is being worked on, as well as controller support (PC and consoles) and UI. Gameplay wise we have some work happening around recoil and a lot going into a brand new HUD.

Next Planned Release

Tentatively April 13, 2016

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Producer's Update March 25th

3/25/16 3:32 PM

Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read.  I know that many of you have poured countless hours into H1Z1 and all of the developers thank you for that. 

For any newcomers, I try to provide a development update each Friday to convey current priorities and focuses for the King of the Kill and Just Survive teams, along with information on the next planned publishes.  If I happen to be out of the office, then I might combine a couple updates, but for the most part expect to hear from me regularly. My updates will be brief but informative. I am prioritizing timeliness over a beautifully written piece. 

I will be back next week time an update to Just Survive (more restricted base build servers coming!), but let’s talk about King of the Kill today.

Next test for Ignition Mode

We are working hard on Ignition with the goal to do another weekend playtest on our Test servers April 1 (not a joke!).  We collected a ton of feedback from the one and are running through that list before going for round 2 with this new game mode.  Quite a few changes were made based on community’s feedback; this second test will be really valuable to us.

Iterating on a live Test Server is really important to the development of new modes, as is the whole idea of these servers.  We can get new features and changes up for large scale testing that we just cannot replicate in a closed internal environment.  Thank you to everyone who is willing to jump on and try things out for us. The feedback you provide on what you are seeing when you play there is invaluable.

Bug Fixes and changes to King of the Kill (these have not been pushed live yet, but are being tested internally)

  • A really nice update is that arms and legs now take their own damage.  We saw that high level players would shoot for someone’s legs if they were wearing Kevlar, as it would essentially bypass the benefit of wearing the armor.  Now that arms and legs take less damage (i.e., more shots to kill) to remove that advantage, if you find and equip Kevlar, you should feel full the benefit of that moving forward.
  • We shortened the duration of the effect from flashbangs.  It is about half of what it used to be, so you can get back in the fight quicker.
  • That really annoying exploding tombstone bug in the Box of Destiny is gone.  We will get this up to the live servers next week.
  • We spent a lot of time fixing up some of the cameras that were not working well after our last update.  Problems with interior spaces, vehicle cameras, etc.  These changes are on the Test servers right now.  Please check them out and let us know if they are working well.
  • Bandages will be back in loot bags.
  • LOD’s were tuned, so characters should look better at large distances.
  • We turned down the density of the poison gas so it's not so visually obstructing anymore.
  • Taking small damage at the end of the parachute sequence should be back to normal, meaning no damage.
  • Getting into vehicles is more forgiving, there were times when you had to spam “e” in order to enter a vehicle.  That was tuned to be much easier.

Current Focus for King of the Kill

We are putting prioritization into bugs and quality of life fixes.  We gathered info from our internal QA, the dev team, and players through Reddit to compile what that list looks like.  Some of those were fixed and mentioned in the list above and will be making their way to the Live server soon.  Others are being looked at right now and we are getting through them as fast as we can.

Next Planned Release

Taking a step back, I’d like to talk about updates in general.  We were not very happy with our last update in particular.  We broke too many things, and if I could go back I would do have done things differently.  Luckily, we can go forward and make improvements to our process for the future, but the biggest change to that process is proper testing.  We are ensuring that we get proper testing time not only on an outgoing build, but on any additional changes before pushing to our live environment where you play.  Our goal is to send the latest fixes and changes to our internal QA team weekly.  Those changes will spend at least a week in QA to ensure they are stable and solid before being promoted up to our Test servers.  We will monitor for at least another week to ensure the stability at scale before promoting those up to our Live servers.  If something is not ready, we can keep it where it is while we fix it up.  The train keeps rolling on at that point with weekly pushes that cascade from one environment to the next.

The goal is to reduce failures being introduced into Live, and it establishes a nice rhythm for the development team to get into.  The downside is that you will see a several week delay from starting this until the next push to Live.  Once we get over that initial delay, our goal is to get into a cadence of regular releases.  Right now we are working on some issues to do a Live update next week, and then we will see a small delay in change while we get this rolling.  I don’t think it means that we will never accidentally introduce something into Live that we did not intend, but it should catch a lot more issues that we were before.  In the event something does leak through, we always have the ability to hotfix directly to the broken environment.

Thanks for hanging in there, and please continue to send issues that you see so that we continue to see them and prioritize those issues into our priority lists.

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Producer's Update March 31st

3/31/16 9:30 AM

H1Z1 Quick Hits for March. 31st, 2016
Hi everyone! 

Steve George (@ShockDev) here with a quick update regarding H1Z1: Just Survive. I know some of you are thinking, “Wait a minute, why isn’t Executive Producer Chris Wynn writing this?” Simple. Chris and I share many duties across theH1Z1 franchise, but Just Survive is my primary focus so it makes sense that I provide the dev updates for that team and give you insight into how things are coming together. 

To begin, I want to thank you all for transitioning with us when we spun-off Just Survive and King of the Kill as two separate products back in February. The overarching goal has always been to regularly iterate on Just Survive based on its exclusive needs. The reality is we still have many issues to resolve which are pertinent to both games. This is the main reason you are still seeing live updates for both products in synchronization. We are two separate teams; however, there are many of our technical process that can be synced with one another, which is why for the time being you will see some hotfixes that address issues on both titles. 

Also, thanks to those of you that helped us identify duping issues. We’ve identified it internally and are actively working to get that fix in game

Current Focus for Just Survive

Base building is an important part of Just Survive. We want you to feel like you’re staking your claim in this world. Base building in its current state has left the world cluttered and messy. We hope the following changes will help keep the atmosphere of Just Survive more aligned with our original design for the game. You can expect more changes and features added to base building in the future. Some upcoming additions:

Base Decay

There has been a lot of discussion on our end regarding ways to keep the world free of derelict bases and other structures. One of the things we’ve identified is the length of time it takes for a base to decay and disappear.  Keep in mind while you are reading this, we’re not trying to make it more difficult to maintain your bases. In Just Survive, we have property which we want you to build on but there should be some general guidelines to the use of this property. We believe that if you want to own a base in the world, you need to login and play at a reasonable frequency. At this time, with “reasonable,” we mean about once a week.  Going forward, anything beyond this play frequency will result in your base decaying.  So, in a nutshell, log in weekly and repair your base at a bare minimum and this change should have zero effect on you.


Base Destruction

Recursive base destruction is being turned on. What does this mean? When something is destroyed, anything attached to that unit is also recursively destroyed. So if you build a stack of items on top of each other and destroy the bottom one, everything above will also destroyed. This may sadden those of you that build stairways to heaven or those that use sleeping bags as roof tiles, but those are examples of unintended functionality.  More importantly, this feature will help facilitate cleaning up the world and mean no more random floating base elements


Limited Base Building Servers

Due to positive community feedback on the matter, we’re converting 5 more servers (2 EU) to limited base building worlds. The following servers will all be converted to PVP worlds:

  • Decay                                 
  • Fiend Fire (EU)                       
  • Axe Away                              
  • Barricade                              
  • Belgrade (EU)                         

Release timing for these changes:

Tentatively April 6, 2016

Additionally, you can expect an update to the Live servers with more bug fixes very soon. As always, for this post and those in the future, I look forward to feedback from the community!

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Producer's Update April 12th


Hi everyone, 

The Test server has been getting a few updates over the last week and now it’s time to bring all of that to the Live servers. The update should be coming tomorrow 4/13. 

We are making some changes about the recursive destruction based on your feedback. We will be taking this feature out of tomorrow’s publish to do some additional design work before implementing it again. Thanks to everyone who took the time to jump onto the Test server and provided feedback. It’s this type of player interaction that we hope to foster more of moving forward.

Right now we are working on a few new things for Just Survive that you should see come to the Test server in the near future. We’re in the process of integrating our AI system (used currently with zombies) into the other creatures of the world (Deer, wolves, bears..etc). This change should address a lot of issues we are experiencing with wildlife currently. We will be applying the limited area build rules to all PVE servers. If the base decay works as planned and frees up the world from cluttered bases we want to start increasing zombie density by raising global NPC caps.

The update will come with a full player and world wipe. With the dupe bug fixed and the base decay being added we think now is a great time to jump back in to Just Survive and stake your claim. Patch notes for the update will be coming soon. Keep an eye on Reddit and our social channels for that announcement. Thanks!

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Producer Update for April 20th, 2016


Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read.  I know that many of you have poured countless hours into H1Z1 and all of the developers thank you for that. 

Before I get into things, I wanted to make sure everyone caught the announcement about King of the Kill being at this year’s TwitchCon.


I promised an update on Z2 recently, so let’s start there.  If you are new to things, Z2 is the codename for an all new map being built to replace the current map (Z1) in the game.  While this update note is specific to King of the Kill, Z2 will be used in Just Survive as well; more on that below.

Compared to any other single feature, Z2 is the most resource intensive to develop.  It has the largest single team working on it, and it will be in development for many months in total.  With an 8km x 8km playable space, it is easy to see why it needs so much effort.  Every part of the map needs to be populated with terrain, trees, grass, stumps, rocks, gravel, houses, buildings, roads, etc.  Every single one of those assets has been rebuilt from the ground up, started entirely from scratch.

It is also being re-architected in comparison to Z1 so that when we optimize it, it can provide better performance.  It is coming alongside some updates to our lighting and other rendering systems, the visual quality of the map will be a significant increase in quality.

As I mentioned, the process of building a map of this size takes many months.    The general order of development looks as follows.  There are some simultaneous activities here, but this is the rough order things are worked on.

  • Generate terrain
  • Point of interest population
  • Spawn and loot population
  • Building layout and design
  • City layout and design
  • Art pass on terrain
  • Tree pass
  • Art pass on buildings
  • Lighting pass
  • Optimizations

Each sector of the map is being designed to have a POI.  Those are being added in to compliment the major POI’s (like the dam and Pleasant Valley).  This is being done to provide something of interest in each area and provide a lot of gameplay and discovery to go along with it.  In the King of the Kill, no matter where you spawn, you will not be too far from a POI (some more major than others) to go explore and loot.

A lot of the early work that has been shared publicly was done as tests to new systems and tools to get ready to go into full production of the map (which is where we are now).  I can understand some frustration in that the map was talked about quite some time ago and then not really mentioned since then.  We are definitely hard at work on it, reviewing it regularly and making changes to accommodate the feedback from those reviews.

I am sure that what you care most about is when you will get to see it.  We are working on a plan right now that will get it out sooner rather than later (although that doesn’t mean tomorrow, sorry!).  We are going to embrace the Early Access part of H1Z1 and get the map up prior to it being complete.  That means that when we release it, some of the buildings will probably be bright white (as we layout a map we work with white buildings to represent buildings that will be added later by artists), and other areas may not be fully fleshed out.  But you will see it develop in real time as we continue to update other parts of the game.  Doing this allows us to collect feedback and make changes as we go along. 

A special note for Just Survive players: there are some additional steps that we have to go through to make the map work well in Just Survive, so we will likely release it in King of the Kill first, get it ready for Just Survive, and then release it into Just Survive.  This is simply so we can get it out quicker. If we waited on both until it was ready for both, we would just be holding on to one, and we don’t want to do that.

We will continue to share progress in these updates, as well as our monthly art videos that we share.  Follow @H1Z1JustSurvive and @H1Z1KotK on Twitter; they will sometimes provide you with a sneak peek from our artists at work in development. In fact, here’s a sneak peek right now:



Please join our Test servers this weekend for another look at our new mode, Ignition.  This is likely our final test run of the new mode, so get in now to check it out and give us some feedback.  Our plan is to do this last test, make a final iteration on the mode, and then add it to the Live servers for regular play in early May.  Again, we’re embracing the Early Access part of this and want to get it out; we will continue to tune and iterate, but we believe that it is close and ready for large scale play.

Cameras and Combat

Cameras and combat continue to be a heavy focus for us.  A lot of times they go hand-in-hand.  We are reviewing every video that we can find where someone is confused as to why a combat encounter resulted the way it did.  In some cases we have found bugs, some have highlighted problems with our feedback systems, and some just are not clear enough to the player when those situations played out correctly.  We are slowly rolling out changes and monitoring to see if there was an impact or not to continue to make this better.  When I am really confident that everything is working as expected, I will wrap up everything that we did to address it. 

Working their way up to our live servers now are some changes to make the camera smoother going through doors and prevention of camera going through walls and other objects,  as well as some improvements to the camera while in vehicles to make it less “shaky.”

New Crate

We have a new crate coming online next Tuesday, April 26th.  We have a small team of folks who work on the items that go into crates as well as building items that we can use as rewards in future systems.  Whenever they get enough items that we can pull them together into a new crate, we go ahead and do that.  This particular crate is a little bit more on the wild side, all being themed around big time Wrestling.  Called the Extreme Zombie Wrestling (EZW) Crate, it is a collection of wrestling-themed items like masks and tights.  My favorite is the champion’s belt.  It actually is a skin to go in place of body armor, so if you find body armor in the world and have the belt to skin to it, you get a pretty sweet look going on.

Recent Bug Fixes (that will be working their way up to the Live servers over the next few weeks)

  • Cameras, as mentioned above
  • Hit markers should no longer appear when hitting a door
  • Parachutes should get stuck on objects much less frequently
  • You should no longer take damage at the end of the parachute sequence
  • Added a UI option to auto fill your team in 2 and 5 man BR matches

We also have another potential fix for the entire map turning green (we cannot reproduce this issue, so we are making some educated guesses on a fix).

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Producer Update for April 28th, 2016


Hi everyone! 

@ShockDev here with a Just Survive update. I appreciate that you enjoy reading these updates and keep asking for more! I have fun writing them! 

By the time you read this, the Live server should have been updated with the latest data direct from the Test Server. I really want to point out that we’re doing our best to provide you with the most stable updates possible. This is why we’re tightening up our publish rules a bit for Test server. With the exception of emergency hotfixes, updates should be available on Test server for roughly a week before going live. This gives us enough time to react to player discovered issues. 

We’re working on a handful of initiatives right now. Most of these revolve around tightening the core game play experience, identifying systems that need a “once over,” and going completely experimental with systems that are just not working out as we hoped.

This leads to my first topic… 

Experimental servers

Very soon, you will see a few experimental servers going live. These servers are specifically being put in place to test out things we would normally be hesitant to try on the live environment. During team discussion, features/fixes which seem like reasonable ideas on our side will be discussed, but no matter how we vet it on our end, after going live, said feature doesn’t always work out as imagined.  Hence, the experimental server! Here is how the experimental servers will play out:

  • Experimental features/fixes/tests are scheduled for deployment on these servers.
  • We publish and observe the change for some time. Usually a couple weeks.
  • We then make a decision as to how we want to implement:
    • The feature graduates to official live status and is scheduled with a live update
    • We remove it, revise it or just straight burn it in a fire J 

Typically, experimental servers will be focused on a single or related set of changes to insure accurate analysis on our end. 

No base building + more Zombies

This is our first experimental server test. We’re going to turn off the ability to build structures and crank up the zombie count.  We believe this experiment could lead to a very cool ruleset server in the future.  Let’s see how it plays out! Tell us what you think. 

Zombie AI

We’ve been talking about Zombie AI changes for some time now. The reality is, it’s a huge system which significantly affects the way zombies operate in our game. A lot of the code base has been released in smaller chunks over the last couple months.  Although we refer to it as Zombie AI, it’s really a system for all non-player controlled creatures. It’s currently only connected to the zombies though. At some point soon we’ll transition this system over to the wildlife. This may give you some insight as to why we’ve been holding back on making sweeping changes to the wolves, bears...etc. We really just want to quit tinkering with the old system and do it right with the new AI codebase. Zombies will be aware of bases and structures in the near future also. This should increase the threat level to your constructed safe havens. When there’s a zombie situation outside your base, you’ll actually need to deal with it J

Spawn Points

We’ve been watching player patterns regarding respawning. Basically it goes something like this. “/respawn...did I get a good drop…No?.../respawn again.” Eventually, after some time, you end up with a spawn point you are happy with.  We’re making some changes to make this a more ideal experience for all players and we are instituting that all the spawn location manifest around POI regions.  So, your starting point will be within one of the following areas: 

  • Villas
  • Dam
  • Radio Tower
  • Wilderness Camp
  • Desoto
  • Wake Hills
  • Bumjick
  • Runamok
  • LonePine
  • Ranchito Taquito
  • Cranberry
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Bubbas
  • Hemingway
  • Military Base
  • Governor’s Mansion

I understand this doesn’t mean much for veteran players who know the map in precise detail, but the main goal here is to help new players as well as casual players to get their bearings faster. This change will go to the Test server fairly soon. 

But wait! There’s an additional component to this change which we’ll be testing on the “Experimental Servers”. Upon death (or character create), you’ll be presented with a map of the world. This map will have a handful of spawn regions based on the POI’s above. You will also see a marker representing your last death point.  With this interface, you can choose a respawn region and get back to the action at an accelerated pace. This should also help foster timelier group play sessions. Keep in mind; we’re not talking pin point accuracy respawning. It’s literally a random spot within a POI region. 

Z2 Map

I wanted to touch base regarding Z2 just to clarify a few things. I’m sure most of you read Chris’s KOTK Producer update last week. He mentioned that KOTK would be getting Z2 before Just Survive.  There is a very logical reason behind this. As you all are aware, our loot spawning and balance has been a challenge over the past year for survival. Without going into too much detail, we essentially over engineered the original system for Just Survive. We gave it so many tuning knobs, it became a beast to manage when we needed just a simple change. Often, the output would be completely contradictory to the result we had in mind! That being said, we’re reworking the way item spawns function in Just Survive. We want to be able to implement this new system on Z2 and completely avoid the legacy mechanic. This will put us in a much better position to react and tune the game going forward. This system has been in progress and should be available for our designers to use by the time Z2 is ready for population. So, although both teams (KOTK & JS) are populating Z2 around the same time, Just Survive is a significantly larger task and will naturally take longer to complete. AS we dive in, I will give you updates on progress. 

That sums it up for me this week! See you in game!

Steve George

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Producer Update for May 13th, 2016


Howdy All! @ShockDev here with a quick update.

As usual, thanks for reading my updates. I really enjoy all the discussion and feedback.


At this point, you’re starting to see our zombie development efforts come together. While we will continue to make adjustments, we’re on a solid path to what we believe will be an experience that is both challenging and fair. Based in your feedback, we understand that to many in their current state, zombies may be unfair (some people may actually like them), but we are actively mitigating. This brings us to the next topic….


Yes, zombies are difficult to engage right now from a melee perspective. We’re doing some work on making melee feel better. Our current focus in on introducing a stagger mechanic (Think, pushback(Q) but more advanced) which gives more depth to melee weapon use and selection. I’ll get you more details as we get closer to implementation.

Nomad Server (No build + More Zombies)

Ruleset servers are where we can really have some fun and we love all the ideas you guys are throwing at us. That being said, a “No build, more zombies” ruleset server is in the works and we will get it in your hands as soon as possible. We first want to implement our changes to zombies and melee before we turn on what we will call the Nomad Server. There are some really interesting ideas being presented by the JS community regarding this ruleset and we will take them into consideration once we see how live play goes and take it from there.

Vehicle Hoarding

  • Okay, we know this has been a hot topic for many of you for some time now. I’ll give you a brief outline on the direction we are heading:
  • Disposable Vehicles - In a nutshell, you find a vehicle, use it for a while, it decays and you must go find another.
  • No vehicle repair - Once it decays, it stops functioning.
  • Raise the spawn cap - We want more vehicles available to support this new direction
  • More randomness to spawn locations - They might not be located under a car port but it will give everyone a better chance at grabbing one.

We’d like to hear your feedback on this one. If you are a vehicle hoarder, maybe not so much!

Incoming fixes

  • Modified the ratio of bears and wolf spawns
  • Screamer grenade adjustments
  • Retuning zombie damage and attack speed
  • Combat knife headshots should work again

We’re also aware of the issues introduced in the last publish re: players dying on stairs and tarps, etc. We’re looking into it and will address it soon. We’ll get you a full change list after we publish to Test server.

BTW, Thanks for hanging in there with us on that last publish. We know it ended up a bit rocky but we pushed through it. Thanks for the instant feedback.

Peace Out!

Steve George

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Producer's Update for June 3rd, 2016


Howdy All! @ShockDev here with a quick update.

As usual, thanks for reading my updates. I really enjoy all the discussion and feedback.

My apologies for this update being a tad behind. Last Friday, we managed to adjust Zombie vs Wildlife vs Player density to what I believe is a reasonable balance. We’ve also made some adjustments to zombie melee behavior. Though we still have a ways to go with Melee, were hoping the small adjustments made will tide you over as we’re developing a better solution. Melee is being actively worked on.

What’s in the works?

Here is what we have planned for the next update. This is all dependent though on how quickly we get the Test Server updated and stable. At this point it looks like we will be pushing all this to the Test Server early next week.  Quality publishes are priority over release dates. Things can and will change.

Player Respawn selection:

You’ve probably noticed as of the last update, spawn locations have been moved within range of a POI.  When I first mentioned this feature, the design included the ability to pick a POI via the map. You would then respawn somewhere within that POI. We have decided since to not make it POI based. Instead, you will select a grid square upon respawn. You will then spawn randomly within that square.

Note: Newly created characters cannot choose a spawn location for initial login. You’ll start with a random POI drop (as it currently functions). This isn’t by design but more of a technical hurdle based on how character creates works. We’ll address this small inconvenience at a later date.

Vehicle anti hoarding measures:

In an effort to combat vehicle hoarding and to give more players an opportunity to obtain a vehicle we’ve made the following changes.  The changes are intended to make vehicles a little more transitional so that you can find one, use it up, and then more easily find another one. 

·         Vehicles now decay their condition slowly over time.  They will fully decay in a little over two days.

·         Wrenches spawn in the world but are much rarer.  They will always spawn with full durability.

·         Wrenches will lose 100 durability per swing on a vehicle.  Wrenches have 2500, so when repairing a vehicle they can only hit 25 times.  Each hit will repair 2% of the vehicle’s maximum condition.

·         Wrenches can no longer be crafted.

·         25% more vehicles concurrently spawn in the world.

·         Vehicles now spawn procedurally in random locations around major points of interest.


That’s our first pass at the solution.  We will now observe and make adjustments as necessary.

Nomad Server (No build + More Zombies):

Many of you have been asking where this feature is. We’re getting close. Current plan is to get it out to the Test Server next week.  Hang in there.

Bullet Conversion:

-We’re removing bullet conversion from the game. We want the guns and their specific ammo to be a more rewarding experience due to their rarity.


We’ll keep you all posted on publish status as we get into next week.


See you in game!

Steve George

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Producer's Letter For July 13th


Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted one of these. Although I do apologize for the extended dry period, I do want to clarify my update cadence going forward. As you noticed last update, our current build was on the Test Server for a good amount of time. This supports our general philosophy that publishes remain on test until they reach a quality level we are comfortable with. I know some of you are thinking, “Yea, there were still bugs in that publish”.  Fact is, H1Z1 has been receiving a lot of changes under the hood and we just adopted some of the combat improvements from KOTK which we feel are relevant to JS. This includes many bug fixes and performance adjustments.  As much as we would love to avoid a single issue, as soon as we publish an update to the masses, issues tend to show themselves more rapidly. We are happy that we could turn a lot of these around quickly and we want to thank all of you who helped us out by reporting issues.

Moving forward, you can expect an official updated from me AFTER we do a live publish. This way, you get the new stuff and you see what’s coming next. Pretty straightforward! 

So, what’s happen in development?

As usual, no guarantees for release date of the following topics. They’ll go live when they’re ready and they will hit the Test Server first!

Weapon enhancement recipes

You’ll now be able to kill rare zombies to find prototype weapon parts.  You’ll combine these prototype parts with normal weapons to discover a recipe.  The newly crafted weapon will have special abilities and stats. They will also have finite lifetime and cannot be repaired.  So, save these for a “Special” occasion.

Here’s an example of what you can expect:



Upon death

You player will now rise as a zombie. So you or your friends will have to….um….kill you again to get your stuff back. Should be fun!

Boss zombie experimentation

I don’t want to spill the beans too much on this one. As we continue growing Just Survive, we’re always looking for ways to introduce new play loops into the game.  Having boss encounters plays well with many of the things we want to do going forward. So, don’t be surprised if you run across a more vicious situation sometime soon.  And you thought bears were scary! Hah!

Survival Score Servers:

We’re putting together another server ruleset. This one is designed around the notion of “How well did I survive?”

It’s going to work something like this:

A few designated servers will be on an auto wipe system. Every XX weeks (1, 2 or 3 possibly) the world will end. The server will wipe itself and give a final score to each player. This score is accumulated and displayed in the UI as you are playing. You’ll get points for things like zombie kills, recipe discovery... Etc.  Think of it as a more advanced version of the death screen when it presents your end stats.  Past scores will be available for some undetermined length of time also.

We are still designing and working out the kinks with this one and you can expect to play it on the Test Server first to provide your own feedback. Expect to hear more about this in the future.

Limited Base Building

Couple fixes:

The Villas are being opened for base building

Campfires, torches and flares are no longer restricted from the rule

Sorry Krakow players….we missed you in the rule update. You are getting the rule also. 


We are fully aware of the current exploits going on. We do not speak publically regarding steps being taken when dealing with this sort of thing.  But I will say, if you are caught exploiting, you will be banned. Please pass it along.


For a long time now, loot has been in a state which wasn’t on par with a survival experience. We’ve read all your posts; we’ve gone invisible and observed many players.  We’ve checked high, low and medium pop servers. We spoke to many players live in chat.

I’m sorry if we’ve given you the easy life in the past but times need to change a bit. In a nutshell, the current loot drop rates are intended.  Building a base was never intended to be a simple task btw…

That’s all I have for now.

Peace out and see you all in game!



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August 19 - A Look Ahead



It has been quite some time since I have taken the time to talk about Just Survive and where we are headed with it.  I realize there will be some vagaries below in terms of details, but that is not because I am trying to be secretive and more due to us going through a lot of discussing/planning to get things lined up.

Let’s start by talking about the short term.  When I reference the short term, I am talking about the next 2 months or so and our focus is on cleanup and bug fixing.  We’ve seen your feedback on things like the zombie resurrection and dying in bases and other recent bugs and want to get those fixed up.  Other changes are being revisited as we look at the feedback and reaction to recent changes to see if those still hold up.  We also are examining any positive changes that we did not bring over from King of the Kill such as the ability to flip vehicles over.   From a new feature perspective, we have some cool functionality which will add goals to the game by giving a score for how well you are surviving in the environment.  This score will accumulate over a set period of time before the server is wiped (including the scores) and then it starts all over again. You’ll be able to compare with others and see if you can best your previous score.  This is well in progress internally, but we need to spend some time playtesting and tuning it before it is ready to go out to all of you.  Once we get closer I will provide a lot more detailed info on how the scoring works, the trade-offs, and decisions that you will need to make as a player. 

That takes us into longer term planning and what our thinking is in terms of focus for at least the foreseeable future.  This work is beginning now, but they are some large endeavors and will take some time to implement, tune, test, and deploy.  This is why they end up in the longer term bucket.  We are getting back to the core of the experience; re-examining and re-balancing all of those elements of the game.  From melee, wildlife, zombie AI, base building, recipe balance, body sim, all of it.

Bullet conversion is also back on the table and we are going to look for your feedback to help decide how you would want it reimplemented if at all.  We are committed to raising the quality getting it to a place that we are proud of by making it distinct and enjoyable.  It’ll get back to some of what I talked about when I first joined the team.  I want the experience to be challenging and really drive towards making you feel the tension of having to survive in a brutal world.  Along the way as we group this work together for updates, we will be sure to talk about the details and timelines.  Your takeaway should be essentially no corner of the game is going un-examined. 

Special note on Z2.  We are still wrapping Z2 up to be ready for King of the Kill, bug free and fully optimized.  Once we hit that milestone, we need to do some work to prepare it for Just Survive.  It is hard to give you a timeline until we really dive into the work, but as soon as we have an idea of when that lines up, I will be sure to talk about it and our plans to start getting the new map into Just Survive. 

Our team lost a few great team members this week.  This is normal in game development, as they had a great new opportunity to explore that really spoke to them.  I know they will do great there, as I know we will fill in and continue to drive forward with where we ultimately see the game going. 

More than anything, I am really excited.  The discussions and plans that we have been putting down are really going to result in a great experience.  As usual, we have more ideas than we can possibly handle, but we are getting the priorities straight and I am really optimistic over where the game is going to go.

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New Map Reveal!

At gamescom this past week, players got the chance to explore King of the Kill’s new map and get a feel for the exciting new changes coming to the King of the Kill gameplay experience. We sat down with Sebastian Strzalkowski, our very own art director on the H1Z1 team, to talk about some of the work that went in to making the upcoming map. We were able to gather some insight on the direction the team took, the obstacles they faced along the way, and some of major changes we’ll be seeing make their debut when the map is released.

Can you take us through a bit of the design process for the new map?
The original map was created in a way that felt a bit like an assembly line. During its construction, we had the artists on different teams creating individual props and objects which would then get implemented into the map by the designers. Although this got the job done, it was time consuming and very inefficient when it came to creating new features. When we started constructing the new map, we knew that we had to rethink this process. The team wanted to move away from that assembly line feeling, so we came up with a more collaborative approach. We started from scratch, working closely together from the beginning, and were able to more efficiently create a better-detailed map.

How did the original map impact the design of the new map?
We noticed that players tend to repeatedly migrate towards specific locations on the current map, while other areas are left generally untouched. We wanted to create something that would more effectively use the considerable amount of space we have, and encourage players to roam and explore more areas. The new map is more symmetrical in terms of layout and has been balanced so that there are points of interest spread out across the entire space. This should make gameplay a much more immersive experience, as there is more varied content for players discover. In terms of keeping some tradition, we did decide to keep some of the iconic names of certain points of interest.

How did player feedback impact the design of the new map?
We’ve been very aware of player feedback the entire time we’ve been working on King of the Kill, which has definitely shown through in the creation of some of our new points of interest. We constantly keep tabs on our player base - although we don’t directly take any ideas from fan submissions, it can be really inspirational to see some of the ideas our players come up with for the game! Player feedback is helpful in other ways too; knowing that loot spawning was an issue discussed in the community, we looked to player responses when rebalancing locations and points of interest for the new map.

Before and After

What are some of the biggest differences you think players will notice in the new map?
With the new map being completely remade from scratch, there are loads of differences. Aside from these more blatant changes, the visuals and graphical quality of the new map will definitely be noticeable to players right away. It’s considerably more detailed than the old map and makes the world feel much more realistic. We also put a lot of work into making the game’s lighting a more dynamic feature – for example, entering or exiting a building will cause changes in the player’s ‘vision’ just like it would in real life. We wanted to give our players a more in-depth experience when playing so that they could immerse themselves into the game.

What do you think is the biggest thing that players have to look forward to on the new map?
The new map gives players a lot more opportunities to explore and really engross themselves in their surroundings. With King of the Kill being such a fast-paced and intensive game, an immersive map will definitely suit the game’s style of play. Players aren’t going to methodically loot everything or spend time going through specific points of interest. They’re going to have to gear up and go, no matter where they are on the map. Above all else, the new map has the “arena” feel we were looking for, and it’s something that’s going to be really enjoyable to play on.

Are there any “Easter Eggs” players should keep an eye out for?
A lot of the street signs are actually named after individuals on our development team. The magazine racks are fun, too - some of the covers have pictures of members from our team. My favorite is a magazine that’s been titled “G35”- it’s named after one of our game’s error codes.

Thanks, Sebastian, for taking the time to answer our questions! What are you most excited about for the new map? Tweet at us at @H1Z1KotK and let us know!

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Bullet Conversion Changes

It’s been a little while since our last Just Survive Producer’s Letter, so we wanted to take a few minutes and give you an update on one of the things the team has been actively working. It’s been a regular topic of conversation for many of you and we have some good news! It’s about Bullet Conversion.

First and foremost we want to thank everyone for their feedback. While most of you agreed the previous bullet conversion mechanics could have potentially created a glut of ammunition, many expressed you’d still like this mechanic to return in a different way. So, Bullet Conversion is coming back, but with some big changes.

We really wanted the process to feel similar to how other item salvaging/creation works in H1Z1: Just Survive. As such, ammunition can be salvaged with a right-click interaction for a variety of materials -- Gunpowder, Lead Alloy, Brass Shards (and Plastic Scraps in the case of shotgun shells). Also important is ammunition recipes can be discovered with these materials. Once discovered, they can be crafted at the new Weapon Workbench, which will be coming in a future update. The Weapon Workbench is a brand new crafting table (recipe must also be discovered) which can be placed once crafted Note that all weapon-related workbench recipes will be moved to this table as well.


Ammunition crafting costs have been balanced, so you will have to make some decisions about whether it’s worth the cost of breaking down a round to create a new one. You will lose something by disassembling and re-assembling bullets. (It’s the apocalypse, after all.) Additionally, more powerful ammunition (based on DPS) will cost more materials to craft. There will be no 1 to 1 bullet conversion.

With respect to bulk, we want to make sure you weren’t doubling your carrying load (or worse) when salvaging bullets, so we’ve reduced the bulk cost on Gunpowder to 1. Brass Shards, Plastic Scraps, and Lead Alloy will cost 0 bulk. This will ensure that all ammo can be broken down without dropping any parts. In fact, from a carrying point of view, it will be advantageous to break down some ammo (such as shotgun shells or .44 rounds) as they will end up costing less to carry when broken apart. Just remember it will cost more to re-assemble them later!

To give you a more detailed idea of how this will function, let’s take a look at two rounds: a low end bullet and a high end one. For the low end we’ll use the .380 Round, as it possesses the lowest DPS at 230.35. For the high end we’ll use a .44 Round with a DPS of 1351.5.

.380 Salvage Yield:

  • 1 Gunpowder
  • 1 Lead Alloy
  • 1 Brass Shard

.380 Assembly Cost:

  • 2 Gunpowder
  • 1 Lead Alloy
  • 1 Brass Shard

.44 Salvage Yield

  • 1 Gunpowder
  • 3 Lead Alloy
  • 1 Brass Shards

.44 Assembly Cost

  • 2 Gunpowder
  • 3 Lead Alloy
  • 1 Brass Shards
  • 1 Metal Shards

As you can see, all ammo salvaging has some level of loss. Higher end bullets yield more materials, but also require more to assemble. We feel this system gives the right level of decision balance to the process, and is a more consistent way to deal with ammo as a resource in the world.

Salvage Tied from Ammo:



Ammo Recipe Cost:



These changes are still in process, and we look forward to getting them in your hands soon so you can provide specific feedback. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the ideas presented here. I know everyone is eager to hear more about longer term plans and roadmaps. Our immediate goal is balancing the core of the game that is there now and then moving into new ideas. As those solidify, we will talk more about them at the right time.

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JS dev updateJS News (self.h1z1)

submitted  by H1Lan[F] - announcement

Quick update for everyone - we have a QA build we’re hammering on right now that addresses several of the biggest issues we were seeing after the last update (server/client sync issues, not being able to place IEDs, silent zombies, etc.) and I hope to have some visibility on that here shortly. Once we feel that's looking decent we’ll push to Test and then listen to your feedback. We’ll address anything we believe is major/critical and test again. When we’re satisfied that we’re publishing an update we want to stand behind, we’ll push to Live.

Thanks again for being patient. I know it’s not great hearing “soon”, but we want to get things back on track for you and that’s going to take a little more time. Once we’re all stabilized and all relatively happy, we’ll start talking about what lies ahead for Just Survive.

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Producer's Letter - December 2nd


Hi Survivors! 

Two months ago, we updated Just Survive…and it wasn’t the prettiest update we’ve done in the game’s history. 

We’ve taken a different approach to how we deal with Live patches since then. We’re communicating with you, the community, as much as we can about what we’re up to (and what you’re seeing) on Reddit and on Discord. We’re using Test heavily and repeatedly. If you’re unfamiliar with what we’ve been up to on Test since that last update, take a peek at these past Reddit posts here, here, and here and you’ll see what I mean. We listened to your feedback. We addressed issue after issue, tweaked, and resubmitted back to Test – not directly to Live. We intend to continue using Test just like this in the future.

This Live patch addresses a long list of issues so I’ll highlight just some of the more important ones: lag was a major issue with the last update.  We’ve reduced it. Vehicle and base exploits were huge issues. We’ve addressed those. Loot balance was a little inconsistent before. We’ve tweaked that, too. Perhaps what’s been most important to me to address is simply how we interact with you, the Just Survive community. This starts by earning your trust back. It’s been a long two months, but I hope the team’s efforts with this update confirm our devotion to this game and to all of you.

In my first two months here, I’ve learned a ton about Just Survive and more importantly, about you guys. I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that the core player base here is one of the most devoted I’ve personally ever seen in my career. That’s beyond inspiring to me. I’m not going to lie to you - we’re not always going to see eye to eye. We’re going to break a few things along the way. And we might not always fix things in the order you want us to. But I can promise you that I’ll always be straight with you and communicate with you on a regular basis. This means frequent updates on Reddit. It means doing AMAs now that we’ve restored the Live version of the game to something you will enjoy playing again. It means Community Outbreak streams with the JS team. 

Most exciting to me is that it means finally being able to talk about what we have planned for 2017. What most people don’t know yet is that we have a core portion of the team that has been working on nothing but the future of Just Survive. We’ll finally get to start talking about that soon. Fix now, cool later. Right? We’re getting a lot closer. 

Just Survive isn’t dead. Far from it. We’re just getting started.

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What now?News (self.h1z1)

submitted   by H1Lan[F] - announcement

We're alive!

I know that was a long break. But we're only human and we need our R&R, too. Today was our first day back in the studio and the team is eager to get to work on what's ahead.

Three things to address right off the bat:

  1. Our top priority, bar none, is addressing the exploits that surfaced/mutated over the holiday. Magic bullet/invisible player/"I hate JS" etc - the agony with many names. If we do nothing else BUT focus on this one thing in the next two weeks, that's fine with me. We're frustrated, too! We fix it, and it mutates. We fix THAT, and it crops up another way. We're sick of what's happening to our players so we're addressing this in a much broader, holistic fashion than we have before. In the interest of not jinxing things, I'm not going to go into specific details about how we're dealing with it. But I want everyone to know that this is the top priority here for the JS team right now. We hit the ground running this morning on this. Expect updates this week.

  2. G29 error codes. I did some research on this over the break and it's clear this is a legacy issue that needs some attention here. To summarize what's going on, this error is generated when the game doesn’t recognize/receive the Steam entitlement for the specific game you are playing as a session is created (JS or KotK). Known causes include Steam services being down, or experiencing heavy load (both happened over the holiday break, especially the latter) and players launching the game directly and not through Steam. Typically this resolves itself on Steam's end, but to bolster recovery, we reacted last week by creating a cached login process where players were allowed to log in if they had previously logged in within a set number of days. I know this issue caused a lot of heartache over the holiday however, especially for new players, and I'm looking at what we can do to make this right for those people affected.

  3. Loot/ammo balance. A lot of people have suggested high/low loot server rule-sets and I think this a good idea. We need to look at exactly how we're going to achieve this (which servers are which? When do we make the change? What does low/high mean to most people?) but I think this is absolutely something we should look at.

So what's new for 2017?

For the short term, it means keeping up our commitment to simply cleaning things up. My post on Live issues details the current hit-list of things we'll be tackling in the next little bit. Some of the team will be focusing on those issues for the next few weeks while the rest ramp up new development for what's next.

I know everyone is eager to hear EXACTLY what we're going to do next, but I'm going to be honest with you - I really don't want to make the same mistake we've made in the past here on Reddit by committing our exact plans to public record. Things change and priorities move around a little bit. Instead, what I'd like to do is a special Community Outbreak presentation of our plans for where we intend to take Just Survive this year. We teased base building in our last stream, but this will be a longer and comprehensive look at we've been designing these past three months. Expect to see this scheduled in the coming weeks.

Lastly, thanks for all of the great feedback over the break...good and bad! All feedback is good! There have been so many great, detailed posts about what people are seeing now and what people would love to see in the future. We can't respond to everything but we do read everything - it's all hugely appreciated and I sincerely hope you keep it up.

I'll continue with this kind of communication as long as you want me to. We're excited about the year ahead, no question. But I want you to know that we're dedicated to all of you who make JS possible in the first place. Thanks for joining us on this ride.

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Developer Update April 5th


Hello Survivors!

Today represents a big milestone for Just Survive with new content released for the first time in over six months on the Live servers! We’re happy to introduce the new weather system we’ve been working on over the past few months. This is the first content rollout of several yet to come in the weeks and months ahead as we continue to work on additional brand-new features like the completely overhauled melee system, a completely bespoke Just Survive specific map, Strongholds, revamped itemization and crafting, new zombie AI, and more.

We’ve also addressed a number of significant quality of life issues that will prevent a great deal of the base exploits we’ve seen in the past. In conjunction with the first server wipe in nearly two months, this will create an improved and fairer play environment for everyone who loves JS and should generally extend the overall quality of the Live experience out much further than previous updates. Also, don’t forget that we have low loot servers (Deadwood and Sparta) for players who enjoy a bit more of a challenge in that regard.

As I’ve stated before, major Live updates from this point forward will have new content. While many of us have been focused on supporting and stabilizing the current Live game, the majority of the team has been working away in the background on these systems (like melee and Strongholds) and now, five months after we began developing these systems in earnest, we’re getting to a point where we can share these things with all of you in the community. It may not happen as fast as many of you would like, but we’re intent on keeping to our standard of iterating internally and on Test as long as we need to until things are stable ready to roll out.

For now, we’re going to get back to work on those systems while you enjoy this Live update. You can expect to see the new and vastly improved melee system in the next major Live update, as well as an unannounced surprise that will be a first ever for Just Survive. Please continue to let us know what you think of our progress and we’ll continue to keep everyone looped in on new developments. We know how much this game means to you and it means a lot to us that we get to be a part of your story. We hope to see you on the boards and in-game in the weeks to come!


- H1Lan

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Summer's coming...News (self.h1z1)

submitted  by H1Lan[F] - announcement


First things first. We’re not dead. :) We do take holidays with our families when we get the chance to do so, especially when we’ve been cranking away these past few months. I apologize that we don’t always get to reply to everything as fast as everyone would like but I want you to all know that we’re just as engaged and enthusiastic about the next major update as we've always been. I know that silence can often feel like a lack of progress to everyone, but I’m also sensitive to striking the right balance between too much talk (and the subsequent speculation that can often cause) and not enough.

I know a lot of you are eager to see what we have up our sleeve and the good news is that you’ll get to see everything much sooner than you likely thought. Everything new that we’re working on (new map, the new Strongholds system, the new modular base building system, improved melee, new itemization, etc) will first hit Test. When is that going to happen? I can now officially announce that we will update Test in June. I can’t give you an exact date, but we'll update everyone here the moment that's about to happen.

As for a teaser of some sort…I think we can put something together. Let me see what I can do. In the meantime, here's a shot we took in-game this morning.

I’ll also leave you with this for now: the new map is called Badwater Canyon.

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Producer's Letter: What's Next




This month heralded the launch of Badwater Canyon and a ton of new features.  While many of you are still getting acquainted with all the new features and the intricacies of the Pinemill Reservoir region of the map, some of you are asking what the future holds for Just Survive.

Now that Badwater Canyon is live, we have a foundation for much more frequent updates.  Below are just some of the features we plan on bringing to Just Survive before the end of the year.  While I’ve broken these out into a rough timeline, individual features may move forward or backwards on this list – our goal is more frequent updates, and while we will minimize the number of updates that require server wipes, we see no need to hold back individual features to a specific date or patch wave.

Each of these features will show up on the Just Survive Test Servers before they show up on the Live Servers, so if you want to be the first to get your hands on the latest and greatest, install the Just Survive Test Server located in your Steam Library underneath Just Survive. 


New Features – First Wave

These features will be coming to the game as quickly as possible and should appear over the next few weeks.

Additional PVE Servers

You’ve been asking for more PVE Servers and we’ve been listening.  At the time of this writing, this effort is underway and we expect to have additional PVE servers up within the next two weeks.  These will go straight to Live and will not require a wipe.  No existing servers will be affected in any way so you’re in no danger of losing any progress, but you will see an additional 60 PVE servers per major region (Asia/NA/EU) appear in the server browser, for a total of 180 new PVE servers.

Wooden Stronghold Component Buffs

Wooden Stronghold Components will be receiving stat changes (most notably, an increased resistance to melee weaponry) as well as a decrease in material cost to allow players to quickly fortify a newly purchased Stronghold location.  While truly durable Strongholds will be constructed primarily of Metal Components, these buffs should allow players to better protect their gear while they gather the necessary components to fortify their Stronghold with Metal Stronghold Components.

Metal Stronghold Components

We’ve previously posted some work-in-progress towards the Metal Stronghold components, but in case you missed it, here it is:


These will be hitting Test in the next few weeks and will make it to Live soon after.  Metal Stronghold Components are the second of three tiers of Stronghold components are much stronger than the faster, flimsier Wood Components.  You might get some wooden defenses up quickly, but you’ll want to fortify your base with these stronger components, especially on your lower floors and around your critical rooms like your loot room, garage, etc.  Being impervious to melee weapons, these also make ideal outer fortifications to prevent casual or exploratory raids.


New Features – Second Wave

While these features are underway, they will take longer than the features listed above to make it into the game, so you’ll see these rolling out after the new Stronghold updates.

Clan Support

Long-requested Clan support is finally coming to Just Survive, and will play an important role in several other features.  While the first Clan Support update will cover the basics of invites, permissions, and ranks, it will also include a Clan bank that members can deposit or withdraw Golden Eagle Coins into, to pool resources for Stronghold purchases as well as protect their funds from loss on death.

Reputation System

With this update, players and their Clans will accumulate or lose reputation based on their actions in the game.  To maintain a Stronghold location, you’ll need to maintain your reputation.  Successful raids will increase your reputation, but losing a raid as a defender will cost you reputation. If a player or clan loses too much reputation, they’ll lose the backing of the local military and will forfeit ownership of their location. Shield functionality will now be tied to reputation loss, and shield duration will scale on successive attacks, ensuring that location forfeits will require consistent, concerted effort.

Stronghold Supply Cache

The Supply Cache is the primary goal for Stronghold attackers, and the destruction of this object will directly result in a Win/Loss Condition. If defenders are successful in preventing Cache destruction they’ll maintain their Reputation, thereby solidifying their grip on the Stronghold. But if the Cache is breached before time expires, that Reputation is lost and the Stronghold’s owners will be one step closer to homelessness.   Those simply looking for loot will still have that opportunity, and everything they can carry will be available during the Attack / Defense Cycle.

Door Barricades

Barricading a cabin is a halfway point to a Stronghold for some players, but currently securing the door is a double-edged sword.  This feature will allow you to add a (destructible) lock to a door to fortify it against intruders, allowing you to secure a cabin, home, or other small building from other players.

The Return of Handcuffs

A fan favorite, especially among role-players, we’ve re-examined the handcuff system and will be reintroducing it to Badwater Canyon.  If you have handcuffs in your possession, when a player yields to you in-game, you can handcuff them and loot them before letting them go.  It’s also a great way to safely transport initiates to your Stronghold, preventing them from causing any trouble while in route.


New Features – Third Wave

Some of these features, like the New Map Regions, are in the middle of their development cycle, but some are just beginning.  As such, expect these features to appear later than the second wave.

New Map Region – Resolution Ridge

Resolution Ridge, located in the Northwest quarter of the map, exists in the long-dormant caldera of a Volcano.  Key points of interest include horse stables, a Ranger station, lodging for travelers, a helicopter crash site, and a second military base.

New Map Region – Soda Rock Springs

Soda Rock Springs, located in the Southwest quarter of the map, is most notable for its city and residential areas.  Both this region and Resolution Ridge are currently in development, and you will see portions of them appearing off in the distance before the out of bounds area is increased and you’re able to explore them fully.

Advanced Vendor System
Corporal Moran’s inventory will be opened up for players with enough coins to spend, with higher tier gear available beyond the basic tools and equipment he currently provides.  Buy a gun to protect yourself on an excursion deep in enemy territory, or re-equip yourself after dying mid-raid against an enemy (perhaps catching a ride via helo or picking up your friends in a Humvee) for the right price.

New Weapons and Items

Expect to find higher tiers of existing weapons and items with better stats and new functionality like laser sights and scopes, as well as bigger, bolder explosive weaponry to crack more difficult enemy Strongholds.

New Body Simulation

The body simulation that currently manages your health, hydration, hunger, stamina, and comfort will be completely re-built to better communicate the value of those functions as well as add greater meaning to each individual portion of the sim.  As the body simulation is critical to establishing the urgency of survival, we expect this to have a huge impact on how players value food, water, shelter, and even clothing in the game.


NPC Features

These features are broken out separately as they are the most likely to shift forward or backward in our release roadmap, as well as the most likely to have multiple significant iterations.

Armored Zombie

The first of our upgraded zombies, the Armored Zombie is a fearsome foe, having succumbed to zombification while wearing crowd control gear.  Body armor and a helmet mean this zombie won’t go down quickly in a fight.


Behavior and Pathing for Zombies & Wildlife

We’re looking at a number of behavior and pathing improvements that will make wildlife more challenging to hunt and zombies more fearsome in close quarters, seeking to increase their ability to navigate difficult terrain, interior spaces, and crowds.  Threat assessment and targeting will also be addressed.  The goal is to make zombies better able to pursue players through difficult to navigate areas and increase the tension of entering those areas that have already been overrun.

Location based Zombie and Loot Spawning

Some locations should pose more risk than others.  A diner packed full of zombies feasting on the remains of former patrons should be more imposing than an empty field.  Rewards should be similarly scaled to such threats, ensuring that if you’re fighting through crowds of zombies to reach the diner refrigerator, you’ll discover more than just a lonely box of sugar.

Migrating Zombie Hordes

As survivors become better attuned to staying alive in Badwater Canyon, zombies become less of a threat and more of a force of nature, like wind or rain.  But sometimes you face a fierce storm that forces you to take cover or risk being swept away, and so we will be introducing migrating zombie hordes that roam the map and take over sections of Badwater Canyon, forcing players to find cover, run away, or face the full fury of the zombie apocalypse.

And More!

These are just the highlights, but a number of smaller features, bug fixes, and gameplay balance adjustments will be included in every update we publish.

The Just Survive Team is excited to be working on all of these amazing features and we will be pushing these features to Live as they are completed.  Now that we’ve released Badwater Canyon you can expect frequent updates to Just Survive, starting with Metal Stronghold Components in September.

Thank you, Survivors!  We’re grateful for the feedback you’ve been providing and your continued support.

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February Producer's Letter


Hello Survivors!

Today's update has spent a lot of time on test iterating and taking feedback from the entire Just Survive community.  Let’s talk about what led us here and what the future holds for Just Survive.

The Past

For those that don't know me from our Community Discord or my frequent posts on our Reddit Community, I'm Michael Clark, aka DGC_Michael, Producer for Just Survive.

For over a year now, my team and I have been making revolutionary changes to Just Survive, to make the game and the survival genre appeal to a broader audience. While that new creative vision called "Badwater Canyon" was in the early stages with one part of our team, my primary job became improving Just Survive with a small side team. The direction and development of each Just Survive update from December 2016 through April 2017 was part of this core effort from our side team.  During this time we were thrilled to see the growth for Just Survive, hitting some of our largest concurrent player numbers in the history of the game.

During April, our small team was fully integrated into Badwater Canyon development.  On August 15th, 2017, Badwater Canyon launched and brought a ton of new features and gameplay to Just Survive, with plans for many more to come in the future. While some of our fans were pleased with the radical changes we made to the game with Badwater Canyon, it did not bring in as many new players as we had hoped.

The Present

As we've previously mentioned here, in September 2017 we moved forward with a second shift in focus, with the entire team adjusting towards the more familiar and successful version for which our initial small side team had been responsible for.  The first part of this effort went live late in November 2017, bringing back free placement of player bases and the full Z1 map.

Today's update is the second half of that effort, and includes numerous changes to core gameplay, including combat, construction, and raiding overhauls, all of which were developed with significant player involvement.  You can read the full patch notes here.

The team will continue to develop new features and rework existing ones with this new core to the game, alongside all of our players, examining feedback along the way. The overarching philosophy behind each future update is to respect the core gameplay and honor the gameplay concepts while augmenting, rather than replacing, that core experience with new features and content.

The Future

One of the first new features we're