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Black Desert Online Item Database

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This is a post for how to use the said item database.




Starts out blank with some menus and a search, so may not seem to obviously be a power resource, but it is.
Let's say I want to find out how I can get Trace of Savagery for crafting. I type in Trace of in the search box and the autocomplete even shows the icon so I know I have the right thing.
I can then use the tabs in the results to see that 5 quests give the item as a reward, and with the other tabs I can find the 3 player crafting recipes it's used in, the 7 workshop Designs it's used in, and the 8 NPCs that drop the item including chance that it'll drop, it'll also have info on shops that sell an item for items that can be acquired that way. Now if I click on one of the mobs (still just NPC in the site's language) that drops it, I can find out all the other things that it might drop. Then I'm off to farm my traces.
Now let's say I want to find out what quests give Combat Skill Points as a reward. I type in Combat Skill Points and get a list. Sadly the tasty big ones like 9 don't actually exist in game, but there are 17 that give 5pts for one quest. So I check one out. It shows me Tantu gives the quest and I could click on him to find out where he is, but wait, I see in the upper right it tells me about any prerequisites to take the quest and it says I need to do another quest, so I click on that one and find out that one has a prerequisite. I do this a few times to find out that the first quest is Berserker exclusive and requires be to be level 56, because this is part of the awakening quests for the Giant/Berserker.
I can also use the menus to browse items or NPCs or anything else. Let's say I was wondering what the stats would be on Hebetate at +18. I'd use the menus to choose Items -> Defense Gear -> Top (don't judge it's what they call the body armor on the site).
http://bddatabase.net/us/armor/body/ Note all the filters at the top, this works with weapons and other stuff too. It's pretty sweet. Just typing in filter quickly and dynamically filters the list. After "Heb" it looks like this. It doesn't stop there. When I go to the image link I can use the + and- to see stats specific to that enchant level. They also recently added a 3d bodyless model so you can see what that armor looks like per class (I'm guessing they mined the client). At 0 upgrade it looks like this, and a few clicks later I can see the +18 stats. Man I wish upgrading were that fast sometimes. Also, clicking the "Show/Hide item set parts" will let you click to see the boots/gloves/helmet.
With knowledge you can menu thru the categories and find out what those ?????s in some of your family's knowledge rings are and what NPCs might give you the knowledge from affinity. For items you can find out where they drop, and at what rate, or where they can be crafted or upgraded.
It's an amazing site that really doesn't get enough credit or visibility within the community. Browsing lists or searching for pinpoint items, it's fantastic.
WARNING: Once you get used to using it though, it'll always be open in a tab when your playing.
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I for one am obssessed with getting the best best possible BDO items When you follow guides like this one here, you almost can’t get any wrong with getting the items you want in black desert online. You also might get interested in putting out a show where nobody’s looking, so you could grind more than you normally would . This trick is only known to pros, but since you’re here, you can also think of you as a soon to be pro… 🙂


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