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Hello from scottsm16

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Hello guys, I am new here as you can see by my post count of course. I have been lurking around the community and I can see post count does matter ;). I will try my best to make this interesting as I read the recruit pinned post before doing this.


First of all, my real name is Clayton Townsend. I live in Iowa the first person I met on here was @[member='BrassyIA'] unsure if that will tag em, but its a try. We both live in iowa and more nearby then you may think. Thank you for making me feel welcome brassyIA.


Now since you know my name I am 21 years old. I build computers of course, but who on here doesn't? I repair software on computers, i.e: Operating systems, viruses, malware. I also do networking I currently work for Comcast as a remote service technician, mainly I help people get back online or fix their issues they may have with their internet connection remotely. I enjoy this job quite a bit i'd rather call it a career, but the pay rate begs to differ on that statement ;).


So far this community seems great on the forums, I will mainly see most of you on battlefield hopefully for as soon as my ban dispute goes through or "if" it does I just recently submitted my video for it. I haven't had the chance to play yet as I was auto banned once I tried to join for the first time. I was glad I got banned in a way as I never would have found this community I signed up here to dispute my ban and found much more. Like many soon to be friends, and nearby users as I mentioned above I feel as if I was meant to be here.


I started gaming at 14, my first game addiction and where it all started was Runescape played almost non-stop and of course since I was young I always got yelled at for being on too long. It should now be called ruinedscape, that is my personal opinion.


EDIT:Another thing about battlefield I would like to state, Operation Metro FTW! It better be in battlefield 5!


EDIT: Forgot to add all the games I play here is a small list: Minecraft (PC/XBL), Battlefield 4 (PC/XBL), Planet side(PC), NeverWinter (XBL), there's more I just can't think of them all like I said I am mainly on Battlefield. Anyway as you can tell I am into FPS/MMORPG type games.


Thank you for reading this long introduction, I tried my best to make it interesting. I'm not much of a lightened person at times.

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@[member='Scottsm16'] I'm glad I was able to make you feel welcomed. Join us in TS the addy is ts.adkgamers.com:3796 You can usually find me in either the minecraft section or The Tadpole Hangout and occasionally in the public channels

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Hi Scott/Brassy,

Hope you're both doing well, My names Felix from Horsham, UK. I'm 26, started playing games when I was 3 years old. I'm big on Real-Time Strategy games, MOBA and MMORPG on PC and all kinds on Xbox One. So if you are playing League of Legends/Total War/Dawn of War/World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 etc. let me know :) 

I play Battlefield 4, Battlefront etc. too seem to match most of the above. Always looking for people to play with so add me.

Gamertag on steam and Xbox is SpaceJunkFunk.
Here's a link to my introduction so you can see what games I'm playing on Xbox One - http://www.adkgamers...-spacejunkfunk/
Edited by SpaceJunkFunk

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Hello and welcome to the =ADK= forums!

Nice intro Clayton!

Maybe we should ban more people to bait them into joining the community HUEHUEHUE jk.

It's a pretty interesting way to find/join a community!

Maybe I'll see you in BF c:


Teamspeak: TS.ADKGamers.com

If you haven't hopped on yet, don't be shy and come say hi~

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@[member='Miki'] You most likely will if your ever on ADK #7 Operation Metro. I'd be glad to play some other servers if you ever wanted to play. You can find me in the Teamspeak and we can play sometime.

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