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Team Battles has Arrived and MORE! - Patch 0.5.3 (Big Update)

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Ahoy Maties!


Update 0.5.3 is hitting the server &  game starting today at 06:00 EST for 2 hours while the newest and highly anticipate patch hits. 


The Update includes the following:


  • Team Battles - This Promotes more Community Game Play
  • New Commander Skills
  • New Maps and Mode Adjustments
  • New Music & Sounds
  • Matchmaker improvements/tweaks
  • Consumable Tweaks
  • New Achievements
  • Economy changes (Ship specific XP and credit earnings)
  • Minor ship specification adjustments
  • Revised AA Defense and Aircraft Tech Trees

Below is an official video released by Wargaming covering some of the mentioned topics above. Additionally I will post all the changes listed on the World of Warships website!




0.5.3 Update Notes Team Battles

Build your own 10-person roster in the new ranked "Team Battles" mode. Bring your strongest seven into battle and climb the leaderboards in this Elo-ranked system, or participate as a "mercenary" and be auto-matched to a team.

  • Team Battles become available once your Service Record reaches level 12. Check your Service Record for information on XP requirements and rewards 
  • Teams will be managed via the "My Teams" tab in your player profile. This tab is also accessible via Port panel
  • Initially, you will only be able to the create one team for 300,000 Credits
  • After playing 10 battles with your first team, you will be able to create a second and third team at a cost of 300 Doubloons for each subsequent team
  • Once your team is a created, you assume the role of "Leader" and may the invite other players to join
  • Your team will have a separate, private team chat
  • Individual chat windows will be available for each team you're a member of
  • The name of each team is unique. For example, if you create a team called "ABC" then try to create another with the same name, an error message will say that name already exists and you'll need to create another
  • You may create a team without a name, but it will be automatically named after the username of the player who created it. Your team may be renamed at any time by clicking on its name in the "My Teams" screen. If you have skipped the naming stage when creating your team, the first renaming instance will be available free of charge. Each subsequent renaming will cost 25 Doubloons
  • Your team will retain its name even if there are no players in it
  • Players who achieve Service Record level 12 may be invited to join teams. To search for players, you can use the invitation form available in the relevant team panel or your contact list
  • To invite a player, open the context menu by right-clicking on a player's name in your contact list and select "Invite to Team." Invitations are sent via the invitation form in the "My Teams" screen. To do this, click on the name of a player you wish to invite to your team
  • The team leader receives a system message indicating that a player has been successfully invited. The invited player will be marked with an icon until they accept or decline the invitation to join the team
  • The invited player receives an invitation to join the team. It contains the name of the inviting team and its rating
  • Any member of a team may suggest someone to be invited, in which case the voting process is initiated. The team leader may invite players to a party, bypassing the voting procedure. Players that have been offline for 21 days may be removed from the team by its leader, bypassing the voting procedure
  • Deciding key team issues requires a vote. Different types of voting require a different number of votes for a decision to be accepted. The required number of votes is displayed in the voting form, and the time for voting is limited
  • Teams consist of up to 10 players (seven in the main team, three in reserve). Seven players take part in the actual Team Battle
  • You may be a member of three teams at the same time. You can also be the leader in any or all of those teams
  • The members of a particular team will have an option to dismiss the leader from their position. To do this, right-click on the leader's name and select "Dismiss the Leader." The dismissal option will come at a cost (600 Doubloons). After that, the vote to dismiss the leader is initiated. Dismissal requires a unanimous vote from all members in the team. The time for voting is limited. If the leader is dismissed, they are reimbursed for a portion of the amount paid to hold a vote to dismiss them. The dismissed leader is removed from the team. The leader functions are transferred to the player who initiated the vote
  • The leader may transfer leadership at their own discretion. To do this, right-click on the name of a particular player within your team, then select "Transfer leadership." If the leader leaves the team, leadership passes to the member with the longest tenure on the team. In addition, the leader may designate any team member as its new leader in the exit confirmation screen
  • Teams have ratings. Ratings can go up and down. They are assigned after battle and determine a team's place in the league. The higher the rating, the higher the eague that the team will belong to. The number of leagues is specified by the terms of the relevant season of Team Battles. A season may last for a predetermined number of days/weeks/months. However, battles will be fought at a specifically designated time of day (e.g. from 12:00 till 23:00). At any other time, Team Battles will not be available
  • The applicable ship tier is also designated in a Team Battles season
  • Two groups of seven players take part in a Team Battle. To announce Team Battle recruiting, click the "READY!" button on the screen of the team you want to battle. The person who announces the recruiting becomes the group's commander. Invitations to join a Team Battle are sent to all members of the Team that are online. An invitation to join a Team Battle may be accepted by clicking the "Accept" button or declined by closing the invitation window. If recruiting has already been announced, simply click the "READY" or "JOIN" button on the panel that replaces the list of team members
  • Any permanent member of a team can send their team into battle
  • Team Battles impose certain ship restrictions. At present, a team may have no more than one aircraft carrier and two battleships
  • If you do not have enough team members to enter a Team Battle, you can invite any player who has reached Level 12 in their Service Record, even if that player is not on your team. Mercenaries remain in the group for the entire session, until they are removed from it by the group's commander or leave the team themselves
  • All players recruited for a Team Battle click "Ready," just like in Divisions, to confirm they're ready for battle
  • If you aren't on a team but are looking to enter a Team Battle, you have two options:
    • Select the "Team Battles" mode and click "Looking to join a Team Battle." From there, you will be displayed in the list of players awaiting an invitation to join a Team Battle;
    • Or simply enter a Team Battle on a ship of an appropriate tier. In that case, the player will be randomly thrown into an understaffed team in the queue for a Team Battle
  • Teams may enter a battle at full strength, or with fewer teammates. The matchmaker will fill all understaffed teams with mercenaries (players who don't belong to any team). In this case, a team will be matched with another team at full strength (fully staffed). Understaffed teams are not matched against each other; only fully staffed teams (7x7) are allowed to enter battle
  • The minimum number of ready team members required to proceed to matchmaking is four
  • When you first navigate to the teams screen, you'll have to read and accept certain instructional materials about teams. These are a number of pop-up messages with descriptions for the new functionality. Players will need to read them carefully and click the "Got it!" button

Maps and Modes New Map

"Tears of the Desert," a map based on the North African coast.

Matchmaker Improvements

A new matchmaking queue has been added for low-tier battles, in order to separate novice and veteran players. If the player count in the novice queue is too low, then a novice player will be transferred to the veteran matchmaker.

Distribution of players into teams has been slightly improved. Now, after two teams have been formed, the matchmaker will try to distribute players so that teams consist of players with approximately equal ships. For example, if there are two Cleveland cruisers on one team and two Aoba cruisers on another team, the ships will now be distributed evenly if it is technically possible, in order to have one Cleveland and one Aoba on each team.

Battle Mode Changes

Battle modes have been changed from "Domination" to "Standard Battle" in all maps where "Domination" featured only two key areas:

  • Solomon Islands
  • Strait
  • Big Race
  • North
  • Fault Line
  • Islands of Ice
  • Two Brothers
  • Islands
  • Northern Lights
  • New Dawn
  • Hotspot
  • Land of Fire
  • The Atlantic
  • Shatter
  • Tears of the Desert

On the "Ocean" map, "Domination" mode with three key areas has been added.

Map Changes

  • On the "Hotspot" map, some islands were removed in the rear partion of the map
  • On the "New Dawn" map, decreased the height of the large island in the upper team's starting area

Ranked Battles

  • In Update 0.5.3, the point gain in Ranked Battles has been decreased in three key areas: from nine points every 10 seconds, to three points every five seconds
  • The ability for the development team to set an irrevocalbe star (opposed to just an irrevocable rank) has been added — check your Profile for season details when applicable
  • Player ranks will now be displayed in the battle statistics window (Tab key), and in the battle loading screen
  • Tooltips were updated in the help window
  • The appearance of ranks displayed in the Port was unified (first the rank as an icon, then the number of the rank)
  • You can select a specific season in the Ranked Battle summary tab and see the statistics for this season. The overall statistics for all seasons are displayed by default
  • Settings were modified for additional stars issued when a new rank is achieved in Ranked Battles

New Achievements

These account achievements can only be received once and do not offer a reward.


Naval Warfare: Arson

Destroy an enemy ship by setting them on fire.


Naval Warfare: Flooding

Destroy and enemy ship by flooding.


Naval Warfare: Ramming

Destroy an enemy ship by ramming.


Naval Warfare: Lucky Shot

Destroy an enemy ship by causing damage to her magazine, resulting in its detonation.


Naval Warfare: Tactics

Capture the enemy base.


Naval Warfare: Weaponry Basics

Cause 1,000,000 hit points of damage to enemy ships.


Junior Naval Designer

Research a new ship.



Naval Constructor

Research 10 ships.


Chief Naval Architect

Research 50 ships.


Initial Capital

Earn 5,000,000 Credits.


Business Magnate

Earn 20,000,000 Credits.


Business Magnate

Earn 100,000,000 Credits


A Day Without Adventure is a Wasted One

Complete at least one daily mission per day for five days in a row.


In the Thick of it

Complete five daily missions.



Complete 50 dailly missions.


Ready for Anything

Complete 100 daily missions.



Win 10 random battles.



Win 50 random battles.



Win 100 randome battles.


Battle Hero

Earn any 10 Battle Hero achievements


Legend of the Seas

Earn any 50 Battle Hero achievements.


Bane of the Oceans

Earn any 100 Battle Hero achievements.

Minor Achievement Changes
  • "Clear Sky:" All downed aircraft counts toward earning this achievement, whether or not they were set as priority targets
  • "Close Quarters Expert:" Now awarded when the final direct damage is caused by the secondary armament
Economy Changes Increased XP Earnings
  • Hakuryu: + 3%
  • Iowa: + 3%
  • Montana: + 5%
  • Hermelin: + 5%
  • Kolber: + 5%
  • Karlsruhe: + 5%
  • Yorck: + 5%
  • Hindenburg: + 5%
  • Ibuki: + 5%
  • Derzki: + 6%
  • Izyaslav: + 5%
  • Gnevny: + 5%
  • Ognevoi: + 5%
Reduced XP Earnings
  • Ranger: -3%
  • Shokaku: -6%
  • Gearing: -2%
  • Isokaze: -2%
  • Mutsuki: -4%
Increased Credit Earnings
  • Hermelin: + 6%
  • Kolberg: + 4%
  • Karlsruhe: + 2%
  • Königsberg: + 6%
  • Nürnberg: + 6%
  • Yorck: + 6%
  • Admiral Hipper: + 6%
  • Sampson: + 2%
  • Nicholas: + 5%
  • Fletcher: + 5%
  • Gearing: + 8%
  • Storozhevoi: + 10%
  • Derzki: + 10%
  • Izyaslav: + 10%
  • Gnevny: + 8%
  • Ognevoi: + 8%
  • Kiev: + 8%
  • Tashkent: + 8%
Reduced XP Research Requirement
  • Drezden: 350 XP (instead of 750 XP)
    • Hermelin's weapon station research, that leads to Drezden, now costs 100 XP (instead of 250 XP)
  • Chikuma: 350 XP (instead of 800 exp)
    • Hashidate's weapon station research, that leads to Chikuma, now costs 100 XP (instead of 200 XP)
  • Storozhevoy: 500 XP (instead of 1000 XP)
  • Chester: 350 XP (instead of 800)
    • Erie's weapon station research, that leads to Chester, now costs 100 XP (instead of 200 XP)
Service Record
  • Account level 12 has been added and unlocks access to Team Battles
  • The XP requirement for Service Record level 2 has been reduced from 500 to 300
Game Balance Commander Skills

Commander Skills have been updated and all Skill Points have been reset. Redistribute them for free before you head back into battle!

  • "Expert Loader:" improved reduction of the effect from -30% to -50% to reload time
  • "Torpedo Armament Expertise:" improved reduction of the effect from -10% to -20% of servicing time for torpedo bombers. The reload time modifier has not changed
  • "Vigilance:" effect increased from + 20% to + 25 to the detection% range of torpedoes
  • "Last Stand:" Moved to the Special Skills column
  • "Jack of All Trades:" Improved bonus from -10% to -15% reload time for all mounted consumables
  • "Advanced Firing Training," "Basic Firing Training," and "Expert Marksman:" Reduced the caliber affected by these skills from 155mm to 139mm
  • "Last Chance:" Formerly -9% to reload time of all types of armament if the ship's HP is less than 20%; now -30% to reload time of all types of armament if the ship's HP is less than 10%
  • "Basic Firing Training and Advanced Firing Training:" Now affects all secondary battery guns regardless of their caliber
  • "Preventive Maintenance:" Effect increased from -34% to -50% to the risk of incapacitation of modules

The following new Commander Skills have been added:

  • "Manual Control for Secondary Armament:" Firing efficiency is significantly increased, but the secondary guns only open fire at targets manually designated by the player. -15% to the maximum dispersion of secondary armament shells for ships tier I-VI; -60% to the maximum dispersion of secondary armament shells for ships tier VII-X
  • "Manual Control for AA Armament:" Firing efficiency is significantly increased, but the AA guns only open fire at targets manually designated by the player. +100% to the efficiency of AA artillery with a caliber greater than 85mm the when a priority target is set for AA guns
  • "Survivability Expert:" Increases maximum hit points by +400 for each tier of the ship
  • "Torpedo Acceleration:" Increases the speed of launched torpedoes from ships and aircraft at the expense of travel distance. +5 Knots to torpedo speed; -20% to torpedo travel distance
New Consumable
  • Torpedo Reload Booster: This consumable can be activated when torpedoes are on cooldown and significantly reduces reload time
  • Yamato: The efficiency Repair Party consumable has been reduced by 33%. Now, the efficiency of this consumable for Yamato is the same as for other battleships
  • Mikhail Kutuzov: Increased the rate of fire (from 6.75 to 7.5 rounds/min), firing range (from 15,910 m to 19,100 m) and turret traverse speed (from 5.4 degrees per second to 7.2 degrees per second)
  • Albany: Firing range has been extended from 6,350 m to 8,470 m. Her viewing distance was increased from 8,200 m to 13,180 m
  • Farragut: Hull B was changed from AA defense-focused to a standard artillery-focused hull. The number of AA guns was reduced, while one main gun was returned to the hull (5 main guns)
  • Yubari: Fixed the deck armor thickness: now 25mm instead of 20mm
  • Tachibana and Tachibana Lima: Decreased the range at which these ships can be detected when firing, their detectability range now increases by 2.28km instead of 3.6km
AA Defense and Aircraft
  • Revised tech trees for aircraft
  • Increased efficiency of AA guns at long-range
  • Efficiency boost when setting a priority target was reduced by 12% (now x1.1)
  • Intensity of the "Defensive Fire" consumable was reduced by 50% (now, the AA armament intensification is x3 when the consumable is activated)
  • Both dual-purpose guns and large-caliber automatic AA guns deliver fire when the Defensive Fire consumable is activated
  • For assault setups of Midway and Essex aircraft carriers, one squadron of torpedo bombers was replaced with one squadron of regular bombers
  • One squadron of fighters was removed from the default setup of Lexington.
  • Lexington, Essex and Midway: increased bomber damage by 30% (1000lbs ANM65 installed on Curtiss SB2C,Douglas BTD-1, and Kaiser XBTK- 1 bombers)
General Improvements & Additions System Notifications
  • No more than three system messages will be visible at one time
  • System messages will be ordered by priority as well as on the tab currently accessed by the player
  • Messages are saved to a system log
  • Players who unlock access to the tech tree or Random Battles by reaching the required Service Record level but never access them, will receive a notification that the options now exist
  • Shot sounds have been improved, including support for 5.1 surround sound
  • Ship movement sounds have been enhanced
  • Sounds have been improved for aircraft falling the after being shot down
  • Ship destruction sounds have been enhanced
  • Music settings turned to 0 will no longer occupy your computer's resources
  • New music tracks have been added
Launching in Safe Mode

It is now possible to launch the game client in safe mode (with mods disabled). This option is available via the launcher.

  • Once you leave a battle, the state of your armament panel will be saved, including:
    • The last selected type of shell
    • Torpedo cone width and the condition of AA guns/secondary armament (on or off)
    • For aircraft carriers, only the condition of AA guns/secondary armament (on or off) is saved
  • Once you enable "Enlist me in a Division" status, you will be able to leave a short message (up to 150 characters) describing yourself and what you're looking for in a Division. These messages will be subject to the rules of the in-game chat policy. All violations of these rules will be sanctioned
  • Two new hints have been added for new players
  • Fixed the situation causing guns incapacitated as a result of magazine incapacitation remaining inoperative until the end of the battle
  • Fixed lag in video play for the in-game browser "Basic Training" page

Source: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-053-patch-notes-video/

Edited by War_Adm1ral

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@[member='Nova'] could we look at promoting this in the next Weekly Game Update? Or is that a perk reserved for official sponsored games.


I'm doing several game sections this week for the mass message; I'll take care of it, or summize it and send it to me by Thursday and I'll add it to nova's thread







is now a team in World of Warships;  hit me up to get added (level 12 I believe is the requirement)!



  • After playing 10 battles with your first team, you will be able to create a second and third team at a cost of 300 Doubloons for each subsequent team

Once we get there, I'll create the second and third teams as well.   Otherwise I'll have a VA or higher create the other teams please!

Edited by BookD20

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Usually its reserved for Sponsored Games as its another perk they get.


However its not an etched in stone rule, but I usually follow it / keep it enforced because if we advertise / spam a bunch of =ADK= Members about a game...then they scroll into Teamspeak and see this tiny channel with little to no players in it at all at any given time...it makes us look horrible and on that note (See below)


What do non-sponsored games often times have in common? Little to no players involved in them at all with usually a guaranteed chance of it being a game that people will stop playing after a month.


I figured I would be transparent with my thought process / guideline rather than just say "no we don't do sponsored games".


Yes, there are exceptions that I usually make depending on my own judgement.

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Clearly at your discretion Nova.


On us if we want to do a write-up, if its pretty enough to meet your standards :)  At least that way even when you say no we have a pretty template for bigger posts in this section now that the game has more group support.




War Admiral, sent you an invite for the team :)   See if we can't get Prophet on board too

Edited by BookD20

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Hey guys, I'm looking to find others interested in playing this game. I currently play every day, about 3-5 matches.


I guess I am wondering on the forums where I can find others to DIV up with and be on Teamspeak. 


Thanks, Pupp!

Hopefully we will get an official thread of all of the players in-game names members and guests can post in. One of the older threads in this forum has about 3 to 5 other players names.

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My in-game name is Lord_Krakenn, in case you wanna add that to the list. But ya that would be great! I check in on Team Speak a few times and only once saw people in the channel.


Let me know if there is anything else i can do to help get this going. :)



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My in-game name is Lord_Krakenn, in case you wanna add that to the list. But ya that would be great! I check in on Team Speak a few times and only once saw people in the channel.


Let me know if there is anything else i can do to help get this going. :)



We don't have tons of players. We can definitely start out by getting teams to join into channel and using it more often. Event freelance players should join too.

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