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How to Make an Article for the Front Page

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When you write an article for the front page, try to write about news that would be relative to a gaming community, such as reviews of games, updates and new releases, technology or gamer events. 






1. Lay your article out in a formal and concise appearance.  


2. Try to include images that are relevant to the topic even if they are not specifically about what you are discussing. For example if you are making a article about a new update that's coming out for DayZ then try to include some images of DayZ the game even if no images of the update are out directly. If you can find images of the update then that's even better.


3. Always include and cite your sources. They're the proof that you didn't copy/paste an IGN or other author's work.



 Article Example and Expectations:

Here is a quoted demo of how the basis of a article should appear. The filler text below is Lorem Ipsum dummy text to give the appearance of how the layout should be. This is a general idea of what is expected from the appearance of things; clean paragraphs, images included and if you have points to make use of bullet points or numbers. 





Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus egestas sem bibendum neque tempus convallis. In venenatis, libero eget venenatis sollicitudin, mi nisl rutrum quam, ultrices laoreet tellus mauris vel lacus. Etiam non ultricies dolor, sed faucibus elit. Pellentesque egestas leo est, sit amet commodo eros imperdiet nec. Morbi dignissim consequat velit eget laoreet. Donec pulvinar luctus orci, nec elementum quam commodo sit amet. Suspendisse non laoreet felis. Sed sollicitudin placerat urna, sed condimentum metus lacinia eu.


Sed sed ipsum orci. Praesent vehicula metus vitae magna lacinia volutpat. Proin hendrerit eros ac enim facilisis scelerisque. Vivamus adipiscing pellentesque odio, dictum tincidunt sapien fermentum a. Etiam ultrices dignissim lacinia. Duis dolor tellus, pharetra in enim id, rutrum suscipit lacus. Phasellus dapibus quis orci placerat tristique. Fusce tristique quis nunc eget tincidunt. Donec sed hendrerit turpis. Ut vel orci et sapien congue suscipit. Proin elementum accumsan fringilla. Proin lacinia lacinia elementum. Nulla consequat ultrices lorem quis molestie. Vivamus feugiat magna eu augue rhoncus facilisis. Vivamus non enim et diam sagittis vestibulum quis vel tellus. Aenean et magna magna.
Nam pellentesque, odio ac rhoncus rutrum, augue magna ornare lorem, in pretium nunc sapien id ipsum. Curabitur ornare erat eu tincidunt tempor. Donec rutrum quam eu orci luctus, sit amet fringilla nunc euismod. Proin id elit a arcu egestas commodo ac ac nisi. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Pellentesque ut orci augue. Aliquam egestas sagittis tellus, ut fermentum mauris scelerisque at.
  • Proin eleifend a libero a volutpat. Suspendisse dapibus dolor a facilisis imperdiet. Phasellus vehicula neque tellus., 
  • apibus ipsum tristique nec. Duis quis metus a metus pharetra porta .
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  • Integer vel porta dui, sit amet congue lorem. Cras sit amet metus eu justo laoreet viverra.
  • Quisque cursus ante ac laoreet imperdiet. Aenean gravida orci vel mattis blandit.
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Proin eleifend a libero a volutpat. Suspendisse dapibus dolor a facilisis imperdiet. Phasellus vehicula neque tellus, ac dapibus ipsum tristique nec. Duis quis metus a metus pharetra porta a id est. Donec blandit enim eget risus blandit, viverra porta diam aliquam. Etiam odio mi, venenatis in mi ac, porttitor consequat urna. Aliquam quis placerat mi. Duis auctor pretium blandit. Pellentesque vitae erat massa. Integer vel porta dui, sit amet congue lorem. Cras sit amet metus eu justo laoreet viverra. Quisque cursus ante ac laoreet imperdiet. Aenean gravida orci vel mattis blandit








Some of the things that will instantly get your work rejected from the front page would be:


  • Text abbreviations like "ppl" "atm" or slang such as "wuz" "pwns" and so forth. Try to be a little professional about it but still maintain your personality as well. Remember this is going to the front page of the site and will be a focal for all to see as well as a representation of the community to first time visitors. Punctuation helps and browsers have a spell check built in now. Use it.
  • Do not plagiarize (taking someone else's work and claiming it as your own) someone's blog for your content. While you may use the info they stated try to use your own wording for it. If you are using someone else's content for a basis of your article add a source link to the bottom of your article. Plagiarism is a complete breach of writing ethics and can be legally pursued.
  • Do not expect all your submissions to become articles if your posting about things that may be considered not worthy of front page news. Again, pick topics that are relevant to the ADK community and the things we are involved in. 


  • Inflammatory and biggoted writing will be rejected. Strong language is discouraged but not forbidden. 


Useful Ideas For Articles:

  • Breaking news for a game we play. (big releases, mod packs, big updates, in depth review of betas)
  • Product reviews for new hardware. (must actually own the product and include pictures of your own)
  • Community event going on. (raffles, LAN meetings, contests)
  • Guides and Analysis. (strategies on playing a particular map, class, ..ect)

How To Get Your Article to the Front Page

1. (Preferred Method) Currently @Phire is the moderator for the front page. One of the best ways to get your article noticed and posted is by typing the article in a PM and sending it to her. Remember to include pictures and your sources, the latter of which will be required for informational posts. 


2. If you post your article in your game forum section, @mention Phire in either the post or the comments. 



Closing and Finalization:


Once your article is approved it will be posted to the front page. Your name will be listed as the author and all credits will go to you. An image will be made for the article news feed splash page on the home page. 


If you have any questions feel free to reply to this topic with questions and concerns. If you need another example of how things should be laid out for articles then simply look how this topic you are reading now was written. It is a good base to begin with and whats to be expected.  




(This post was redone from the original work of @[member='Pepsi'] )

Edited by Phire

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