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Introduction thread - #4 will blow your mind.

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Sorry for the clickbait.


There aren't even numbers here. Just wanted to not have another thread titled "introducing myself"


Anyway. I go by Gankmobile. As in the vehicular object that ganks, not the cellular phone shop type. Been under this name for years dating back to star wars galaxies where we used to pile 6 people into a speeder and all jump out to gank somebody. Those were the days.


But to get to the point. I came across you all for the first time in elite dangerous which is the main game i am applying for currently. I have recently started up there and finally found another game that can keep my attention (been difficult these past few years). I did some shopping around with different groups of players and found yours to be the most welcoming and interesting of all so i figure i'll try to stick around.


In human years i'm 27 and have an extensive gaming history. I date back to the early days of diablo 2 to star wars galaxies to WoW to countless other failed attempts at providing the same quality of MMO after the fact (spoiler alert: none of them did). Recently I am also quite active in Magic: The Gathering outside of the computer world and somehow find time to hang out with my australian shepherd Ella, and girlfriend who just made fun of me for buying something called a "thrustmaster" (please note: those two are not the same entity. Dogs cant talk, silly).


That should do it for now. Maybe ill find some other awesome games you're all involved in and ill be able to meet more of you.



Gank (Edan) Mobile


(I should be doing my job right now. Good thing i also do IT for the company i work for in addition to my regular job and nobody checks up on me)


#4 - Always double tap.

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@[member='Laith SJ']  Thanks! i Have been on and willl continue to be on!


@[member='GamezMast3r'] thank you!


@[member='MindlessIdiot'] Will try. What games do ya play?


I wish it said what games people play on here.

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Welcome man!  Glad to have you on board the Elite train



This city might not be big enough for the both of us though, I do warn you if you ever cross me at A&C or Snakes and Lagers!

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