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The Best TV Shows I have Watched (In order)

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The Shows I have watched so far in order from the best going down. There is no reason that these TV shows are bad just that there are better ones. If you have the time please watch everything on this list you will not be let down. If you have any suggestions that are not ont he list please let me know for I am looking for something new.


1) Sons of Anarchy (Perfect blend of Action, HolyShit, HeartBreak moments)


2) Game of Thrones


3) Breaking Bad


4) The Walking Dead


5) Dexter


6) BoardWalk Empire (Currently Watching)



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Nice list @[member='Moxya']! Mine would be almost identical. Maybe not in the same order. Game of Thrones is probably my current #1. But Breaking Bad is an incredible show. Brian Cranston is an amazing actor. Walkind dead is awesome. Haven't finished Sons of Anarchy but its good. Also haven't watched Boardwalk Empire or much of Dexter but heard good thing. I would also recomment The Wire, The Sopranos, Daredevil (Netflix), House of Cards, True Blood, Narcos, The Following, and True Detective. Wouldn't advise anyone under 17 to watch a lot of these, but that's just me.

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Well mine would be,

1) Mythbusters (although this is there last season I believe it is there 14 or 15 year).

2) X-Files (old first - new season brought back okay, but not as good as the oringals).

3) NCIS L.A. and NCIS

4) Supernatural (gotten weird the last few years but is picking up again).

5) Grimm

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