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Something INCOMING!

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Destination Arcterra!


They reinforce the ice theme with this first thing


"Snowballing" bosses.

-As you kill area bosses, stronger bosses will then spawn. This will create more challenging fights, and more rewards for each boss.


"Heavy Weather"

-Snowstorm event. Collect keys from "epic" bosses. Keys open up Faction exclusive dungeon.


"Loot, Loot and More Loot: Arcterra has its own reward track"

-New rep table? Costumes, mount, and more.


More Lore! "Vault of the Archon."


-Continues Drusera's story.

-Solo or group play



"And There's More to Come...

Keep your eyes open for further updates on even more exciting things happening during Destination Arcterra and beyond—including information about everyone's favorite Lopp fortune teller, tidbits about undead zombie pirates, and protips about how to make your most awesome gear even awesomer. Stay tuned!"


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