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Hey (I'm) Miki, you'

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@[member='Miki'] Finally she puts an intro lol , i said it and i will always do , whatever you joined ADK or Not you will always be a part of this family , you are apart from us , remember that .



I remember the first time i met you , you where setting in the NewComer Lobby for a while , and when i joined it , i was typing Sir all the time lol , did not knew you are a female in the first place lol , but when you start to talk i said " damn what the hell i was doing lol by calling you sir " , so im sorry for that , and im happy that i was the first one who talked to you , you were so shy , and step by step you start to get use you it , and now you talking and laughing and having fun , few things that will made me happy when im sad or angry , is to see my friends smiling from there heart , i will always try to make people happy and will always try to draw the smile on there faces , i told you once "Always Smile " , and happy to see you smile =) .


Happy to know you  , and im sure the day that you will join ADK will come and cant wait for it .


ADK is more than a gaming community , is feelings , its love , its happiness , its hope , thats what ADK gave me , and i will always be thankful for that . 


May welcome to the forms :) , and hope you always remember me , remember another thing  , when you need help you know where to find me .


Im not a good writer , but i tried my best lol


Welcome again and happy to know you .

LAITH my boy, you need to chill with those huge fcking letters lol

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@[member='Laith SJ'] Oh wow! That is a BIG wall of text hahaha! Thank you Laith for your warm welcome! I'm glad that you were the 1st person I spoke to. You made me feel comfortable from the start and introduced me to some great people. This community is very lucky to have you. 

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@[member='BookD20'] Thank you book! I had a few people point me in the right direction.


@[member='n0vember'] Ohh nice, where did you visit in Canada?


Sorry for double post, I couldn't edit my post for some reason.

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