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S6 - Vayne Guide

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Hello All,

I'm Synthen or UGANDAN GOAT on LoL. I'm a Diamond 1 ADC main and have played since season one, but have mained ADC since season three. I've made one other guide, but it's really outdated so no point in looking at it.


Basic Information


Vayne is an auto attack oriented ADC focusing mainly on attack speed and critical strike to maximize her damage output. She is a mid game going into late game ADC, that can also have a very strong early game is played properly. She is known as a "Hyper Carry", "Late Game God" or just generally a "Carry". This is maximized by knowing exactly what the majority of her damage is from, which I will explain throughout the guide and how to increase this damage.





Fury 5/5

Double Edged Sword

Natural Talent 5/5

Bounty Hunter

Battering Blows 5/5

Fervor of Battle






Unyielding 5/5

Tough Skin

Runic Armor 5/5



So I haven't played much since the mastery and item changes, but these are the masteries that I have found to work the best for me increasing my damage output as well as survivability. By all means mix and match and figure out what works for you best.




Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x3 


 Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9


Greater Seal of Armor x9


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 


These are generic Vayne runes, unlike other ADC runes they consist of attack speed quints to help her proc W faster earlier on in the game so she can out-trade lane bullies such as Graves, Lucian and Caitlyn


Summoner Spells


Flash and Heal


Ability Sequence


**Edit** Since that pasted entirely wrong, the basics from it are that you start with Q then E then you max W, putting points into Q and R when you can't put any into W.




Starting Items: Doran's Blade + Health Potion + Warding Trinket


Boots: Beserker's Greaves + Furor Enchant



Priority Items: Blade of the Ruined King OR Rapidfire Cannon OR Infinity Edge 

^^^ Whichever items you don't build first, be sure to build them next ^^^



Possible End Game Builds

Possibility#1: Beserker's Greaves (Furor) + Blade of the Ruined King + Rapid Firecannon + Infinity Edge + Lord Dominik's Regards + Phantom Dancer


Possibility#2: Beserker's Greaves (Furor) + Blade of the Ruined King + Rapid Firecannon + Infinity Edge + Lord Dominik's Regards + Mercurial Scimitar


Possibility#3: Beserker's Greaves (Furor) + Blade of the Ruined King + Phantom Dancer + Infinity Edge + Lord Dominik's Regards + Mercurial Scimitar



Your choice of items will generally stay the same, but depending on how much CC or how squishy the team is, the ending of your build will differ. For example, if a team has no tank, I highly recommend rushing Infinity Edge as Vayne's W ontop of a Crit is insane early on, but I would only do this IF you are running attack speed runes.


General Tips


As I said earlier, Vayne is a mid/late game champion and should be treated as such. Meaning she doesn't do high damage early on and will be out-traded by almost every ADC except Urgot because well it's Urgot. In this section I'll give general tips for some of Vayne more annoying matchups.


Lucian - Now this a rather simple match up, but it can also be a very mechanic intensive match up. Realistically the only way you should win this match up is if you always tumble when Lucian does his Q. That's literally all you have to do is Tumble before his Q damage goes off and that takes away a lot of his damage early on allowing you to beat him presix and able to hold that lead into late game where you will dominate him by simply out damaging him.


Caitlyn - Now he's another one that has such a simple way to beat her, but most are too scared to actually do it. The way you beat Caitlyn is by going in on her at 6, Caitlyn has a pretty useless level 6 when it comes to actually engaged as it can be easily interrupted or body blocked. Making you have the immediate advantage at level 6. Push this advantage by engaging her literally the second you have 6 and you will see a dead Caitlyn or a Caitlyn that has to go B.


Corki - Now, this can be a really hard match up for Vayne simply because Corki is the burst lord of bot lane next to Graves. Simply put the only way you're going to win this match up is if you get the jump on Corki and manage to condemn him into a wall. If you miss the condemn and the Corki knows what they're doing, you're going to die.


Graves - Now this one can be interesting and go both ways. The Vayne can push her advantage and ability to dodge the majority of his damage or the Graves can all in you and literally one shot you. Just like Lucian, this match up relies entirely on you being able to dodge his abilities and counter engaging off of it.


Have Fun!


The most important thing about playing Vayne is to have fun, she's a incredibly mobile champion that just by moving around can be a lot of fun, if you find yourself getting beat in match ups, don't worry we all do. I've been beaten by every one of the champions she's supposed to counter. Just keep on pushing and you'll get better at her. That's the end of this guide and I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck out there future Vayne Mains!


If you have any questions or would like a lesson on how to play her or any other ADC, you can message me on League




Edited by Synthen

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