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November 27th - 29th Double XP Weekend

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Wildstar News Announcement


There is going to be double XP this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Good news for Vets as well as Scrubs in the leveling venue.


In case you vets forgot, at max level XP is converted to Elder Gems instead. And after your Elder Gems are capped for the week, you earn money instead. Money money money.


For you scrubs, this means leveling FASTA. Like so fast. In the announcement it say, ".. you earn twice the XP every time you earn XP during this special event."  Which is even better because it stacks with things like our subscription benefits. 


So..  This weekend. In my free time I'm going to be leveling an alt. It's going to happen. Probably.

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@[member='gazedo'] people always ask me if that is what the name is refering to, but it is not. It is just a simple food name same with all my other toons. But yeah isn't as bad as it could be I guess.

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