Starting up every Sunday at 7 PM central time the ADK LoL Admin team will be hosting In-house nights. The main game of the night will be 5v5 draft pick, where a member will be elected Team Captain and choose from a bank of other members and admins alike. Other game modes include, Hide and Seek, Protect the Queen, ARAMS, and 3v3s.   Learn who you play best with and learn who needs to be a constant ban. This isn't a normal match of league, the cheese is real, and the trash talk is strong.   Hop in a few minutes early and join the lobby with the most members in it to have a little pre-game fun. Games are tentative and might start a little late, depending on Admin's schedules and life commitments.   Come to play, come to learn, but most importantly come to have fun. If you're raging and screaming at your team Admins will lock you out for the night, or possibly more.   Due to past issues, we will and are trying, to keep these teams as balanced as possible.  If that means the Admin's sit out, or the higher ranked players sit out, this is nothing against you.  We just want the night to be as fun as possible for the majority of the members.   If you have any questions or suggestions on In-houses come talk to @[member='Greenshaw'] or me, @Phreaktaco, or PM us on the website.   Edit 1/3/2016- Raging in these and other game nights can result in future punishment from the LoL Leadership Team.   Punishment may include but not limited to: Blacklisted from future ADK Tournaments Blacklisted from The ADK Ranked Team A ban from the TS A Kick from the channel/TS A Vacation to The Rune Prison   Blacklisted