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Hi, I'm Zed

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Hello! I finally created a profile for adk. I've been a part of adk really since 2013 when i got into planetside2, but now i've moved to csgo because of the community adk has in csgo. I've had an interest in competitive gaming ever since halo reach and after seeing the major audience csgo has, i decided i would start playing it. I hope to meet people to team with in matchmaking and possibly in esea, cevo, etc. in the future. 



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(Intro continued) sorry about my first post, after reading when it was posted i realized how much was left out. My real name is Mitchell just in case you don't want to call me "zed" or "zedwithwings".I'm 18 years old and I really got into gaming back when i was in 8th grade when i was recovering from a dislocated kneecap from select soccer practice. around the time of my injury, i got xbox live and i played the crap out of halo reach. The year following, I became a regular player pretty much playing every night and late at night on the weekends. I started meeting more and more people i got along with and pretty soon we had a group of at least 15-20 people all talking to each other over multiple party chats. If i were to see them today i would consider most of them real friends. But when the next gen consoles were released, the group was split between the two or they were occupied with other things. I still keep in touch with a couple of them which is good. I still miss those days because during the summer of 2012 i became really intrigued by competitive gaming and more specifically competitive halo. I formed a team out of the people in my group who i saw were excelling in multiplayer. We maintained gold division in arena and consistently played swat playlists and mlg playlists to practice our shots and game-sense. We didnt go further than that mainly because of our age and halo4 having some issues with competitive gameplay. That's when i moved to playing on my laptop that i was supposed to use for school (99% gaming, 1% school work lol) playing games like arma2 wasteland and eventually dayz (at 15-20 fps). I also played bf3 on xbox so i still talked to my close online friends. About a year ago, two of my friends from school and i started doing lan parties in one of my friend's mom's photo studio. This started with three, then five, seven, ten, and now we're encroaching five teen. This prompted me to build a proper gaming computer which my friend and i (mainly my friend because he knew more about it than I) built this past august. So now i'm even more into competitive gaming (csgo) with my new computer. So i feel adk is a good community to be competitive or casual whenever you want and there will always be good people to to join up with.

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Thats whats up. Welcome to ADK bro its a great community and i just want to welcome you here!!

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@[member='Zedwithwings'] Nice intro, welcome to the ADK forums, judging by your post count, looks like your just about there. do you perfer mitch? mitchell? or zed?

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