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Pat "HeYYiTzPaT" Taylor

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My name is Pat Taylor, but the gaming world knows me as HeYYiTzPaT, said “hey its pat”. I’m 23 years old and I live in not-so-happy Buffalo, New York. I’ve been gaming since the 1990s, back when I played on my father’s old DOS-computer and played Doom all day. That was my first game, and to this day I still play it!


So what do I do? I basically do Twitch streams on occasion, although I’m trying to keep it on a schedule. I also upload videos to YouTube regularly. I at least do 2-3 videos a week. I’ve been part of stuff like this for years, but now I’m kinda taking it seriously. Especially because now I’m making money off YouTube. That’s right. I’m partnered with TGN on YouTube.


I’m currently engaged to my fiance Christine, but I call her Chrissy! We’ve been dating almost 5 years now, but we’ve known each other for over 17 years. Long time, right? Its alright. There’s always hardships in a relationship but we get through it. We’re set to get married Halloween 2016!


I’ve had a major interest in Ham Radios (mainly known as Amateur Radios) since Snowvember 2014. Yeah, I was in that. It sucked. I was trapped for a week, literally. I had a ham radio on me, but couldn’t talk on it because I’m not licensed. I’m currently studying for my Technician’s license, which is the lowest you can get still with good coverage.


I’m a major music lover! I listen to dubstep, metal, some country, classics, etc. Mainly the bands I listen to range from Avenged Sevenfold to Skrillex to just about anything that sounds good to me. Heck, I’m even a huge fan of the German metal band Rammstein!


Also, I've played on your BF4 servers a few times! Very awesome!!! Haven't played in a while but ADK servers are the best I've played on :)

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@[member='HeYYiTzPaT'] Hello and welcome to the community! 

Yay a fellow New Yorker~ great intro :)

What are some of the games you like to play?

Are you interested at all in becoming a member of ADK? Let me know and I can help you apply and answer any questions!

Looking forward to seeing you around!

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@[member='QQtiePie'] Haha I'm technically not a New Yorker but I do live in NY lol. I'm originally from Illinois. The games I mainly play are Titanfall, CoD4 & WaW, Killing Floor 2, Minecraft, H1Z1, Euro Truck Simulator 2 (American Truck Simulator on release), Doom, Rocket League, BF4, PokerStars, Borderlands (2 & Pre-Sequel), GTA V, and a few others here and there.


Yes, one day I do want to sign up to become a member of ADK. :) I like what I'm seeing here. Best community website by far, so many active people lol, but it feels more gamer-like than most communities I've seen. I would definitely like to become an ADK member someday :)

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@[member='HeYYiTzPaT'] You have time to complete them and we list them and help you out with them after you apply :) But of course whichever you prefer if you feel you'd rather do them before applying~ Let me know if you have any questions :D

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@[member='HeYYiTzPaT'] thats a very interestin intro and congratulations on your love life. Honestly, the way and @[member='QQtiePie'] wereseemingly enjoying this convo, I think you'll fit in here with great ease. Anyway, nice to meet you. Hope to find you on teamspeak one night. Enjoy our beloved community.

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