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Defiar Legend....the Unbroken One

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Hello ADK community!


My name is Shawn and I play as either Defiar or Defiar_Legend in most games these days with Defiar_Legend being my name in Battlefield 4.  I'm here because I learned about ADK playing on your awesome Battlefield 4 servers, especially Operation Locker No Explosives.


Let me get the boring normal stuff about me out of the way about who I am.  I am 36 as of this post, very happily married to a younger beautiful but incredibly intelligent and successful wife and I have 3 dogs.  I currently work in Business Development for chemicals primarily in the biopharmacueticals industry.  Education-wise, I have a BS in Genetics, an MS in Organic Chemistry, and an MBA in Marketing.


Now for the more fun stuff.  Why do I call myself the Unbroken One?  Well, just over 2 years ago I underwent my third and final major surgery to alleviate my sleep apnea that was the result of my jaw structure.  It basically involved cutting my upper and lower jaw from my skull and moving them.  Long story short, the surgeon messed up.....bad.  He severed the nerve to my tongue, the nerves to my face, my nose was collapsing, my jaw and a titanium plate broke, an infection almost killed me....twice....and that is only part of it.  I spent the last 2 years undergoing 10 surgeries to fix the damage he did.  How did I make it through?  I am unstoppable because I came to terms with the idea that if I couldn't fix myself, I would end my life to not be a burden on my loved ones.  Needless to say, I am okay now.  


I made a short video about it and how weightlifting helped me through it all (1 song long).  You can watch it here if you like.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BcInxxx7o4


As you can imagine, my life and career can be stressful so I like to game to relieve that stress in addition to weightlifting.  Some colleagues got me into BF4 and I REALLY love it.  So here I am....checking out ADK and letting ADK check me out.  It is a pleasure to meet you.


Best Regards,





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Thank you @[member='Defiar'] I hope to see you around, and thank you for wanting to join =ADK=. Today, I think i just found some inspiration. Thank you for sharing this with us, i hope i'm not the only one who this brought inspiration to

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@[member='Defiar'] welcome to ADK :)


Happy to see more people from #6 server :D , thats made me happy , im laith and im an admin in bf i dont know if you knwo me , maybe you are , but , plz feel free if you have any Qs i will always be there to help and to answer them :) 


join us in TS whenever you have the chance to .


our ts : ts.adkgamer.com

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Thanks Laith. Yes u have sent you before. Awesome server. I actually do have 2 questions.

1) do admins stop players from using head glitch?
2) what is the third floor glitch?

Hello sir :D OK


Lets start answering :

  • No we dont , but maybe we will do something about this rule in the future , its something related to the game it self , we will have more info about this in the upcoming ADK BF meeting soon :D .
  • Basically its this ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBjeIuk4MS8 ) , just remember dont do whats in the video , its not allowed in ours at all :)

I hope i answered you good :) , if not let me know .

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Thanks Laith. Appreciate the information. I don't plan on using the glitch I more want to know what to look for so I can help with the server.

The head glitch issue seems to be only a few people who are really good at it but when they are.... They are sooo hard to kill

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