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Czy - A Brief History to Alcohol

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I have had an opportunity to make a brief post introducing myself, but I feel like this is a better opportunity for me to talk about something very important to me, and that is my story in the service industry.  If you are interested in getting into the service industry or are looking to broaden your horizons with alcoholic beverages, please stick around for the read.  This post will be fairly long so bare with me as it will take several days for me to complete.



The first thing you need to know is that I love going out to the bars, meeting new people, trying new drinks, and just generically the social atmosphere surrounding it.  I have learned a lot between both hosting and being a patron, and it has sculpted who I am today.  I started bartending back when I was 18, and to give you perspective I am now 27 years old.  I was working at a Golf & Country Club over on the banquet side doing lots of weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, birthday parties, and members events such as golf tournaments.  My favourite part of the job was working the weddings.  We had a lot of leeway there and did a lot of things most jobs won't let you do but I'll get into that later.  After realizing how much i liked bartending for weddings, I got myself a job at a Winery where we focused primarily on weddings.  There was lots of new things to learn getting a job at a new place that did lots of things differently, and the best part of getting that second job was learning the hard way which things are more efficient than others.  I also went ahead and got myself into bartending school to pick up on any things that I didn't already know.  As much as I thought I knew about the bar, and as far ahead as I was of my fellow classmates, I still managed to pick up enough valuable material to make myself better at what I do, as well as realizing just how much that little bit of extra experience and the certificate they give you helps in finding future jobs.  Tips on how to better find a job will be coming later as well.  I stayed here for a while, and as much as I learned about the job and how to personally improve on my skills, I found out the hard way that management is something huge to look into when you are finding a job in the hospitality industry.  If you have a chance to do your homework and find out from someone who already works at a place you are interested in working at what the management is really like I strongly advise you do that as management was the reason I moved from this job into the job I currently attain.  I work as a server/bartender at a recreational facility.  It is a large building with bowling, ping pong, laser tag, arcade games, pool, a bar and lounge, and a sit down restaurant.  it was extremely hard for me to get my foot in the door, but when I finally was in, I haven't looked back.  The staff is amazing, the patrons are excellent, and the management is to die for.  Not to mention the actual job itself as well as the extra duties are very well refined and far from remedial.

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