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@[member='Johnblack101'] Very interesting man, 80's music is pretty good i listened to some of the songs from that timeline and they are better than SOME of the songs these days you know.

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I'm a big fan of Muse. Knights of Cydonia is one of my all time favorite songs, it's a great piece of heavy rock that really puts in the instrumental part at the forefront.

But it's really tricky to say what song/artist is "number one"...


Besides Muse, looking back at some older bands I'd have to put Rush as my favorite. Surely they were the most talented rock musicians of their generation, no question.

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Honestly I'm into all sorts of music but I could listen to rap over and over again. I listen to all rap mostly so it depends on different songs not artist.


Although my favorite song as of now is "You & Me" - Flume.

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