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Super Bowl

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I know its only week 4 but who are your top 3 picks likely to make it to the super bowl this year? 


Who do you think will be MVP?


1. Unfortunely Patriots


2. Cardinals (hopfully)


3. I'm not sure thinking maybe Kanas city? or Seahawks

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It's gonna end up being Arizona and New England in the Superbowl.  You'll see the Jets, the Steelers, the Bengals, and the Broncos competing with New England, and over on Arizona's side I'm thinking you'll see Atlanta, Carolina, Green Bay, and Seattle.


I watch Seattle weekly just to cheer against them.  Sherman is an idiot, and he went from being the best in the game to bragging and falling off the wagon.  Jokes on him, the QB just never throws it at the receiver Sherman covers any more, and since Seattle really only have two superstars, there's not a whole lot they can do to get full coverage.  Lynch is in my opinion the best on the team now.  As for Kansas City, I don't even think they will get a wildcard.  They have had an exceptionally hard start to the season, but when they lost to the bears they sealed their fate.  1-4 isn't a way to make it into the playoffs.  They would need to beat the Broncos, the Chargers twice, and manage to win the rest of their games against teams in their own caliber of play.


I think that if New England makes it to the bowl, you will see Tom Brady take home MVP win or lose.  At the time being, Tom Brady has 5% higher pass percentage completion than any other relevant QB.

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I know its going to sound weird but I'd like to see the Buffalo Bills make it for once. They're not bad this year, but I think they can pull it off. I'd LOVE to see New England OUT of it for once. Can't stand the New England Cheaters lol

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