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Best hiphop artist/ freestyles.

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We usually agree on most things but son...shady takes all 3 categories. He cannot be touched in a freestyle or battle





Actually. Eminem doesn't touch on the hardcore genre at all. Sorry to burst your bubble. Hell. Tech N9ne doesn't even win that. There are other Strange Music artists that beat that. Ces Cru for example. 


As for freestyle. Em also hasn't done that for years. So again. He can quite easily be surpassed. I understand that Eminem has spoken to your life and such since you were 5. But you really need to expand that horizon. 


Now if you had recognized chopping. Tech N9ne does dominate that. Him Krizz Kaliko and Twista always have set the tone for chopping and they always will. 



If you want to make it more generic. 



Best mainstream: Eminem

Best Independent: Tech N9ne

Best International: Busta Rhymes

Best Southern Rapper: 8Ball and MJG

Best Hardcore: Twiztid 

Best Freestyle: Who cares?

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Not how any of this crap is considered music, but continue

- HaRdLy007

You old curmudgeon <3


I'm not a huge rap fan, it's not something I'll normally listen to, but if it's on and it's good, I'll dig it. I can't stand rappers like 2Chainz or Drake or Krispy Fresh or whatevs. 


However, I love some old school Beastie Boys. As for the current crop, The only one who has really caught my eye is Kendrick Lamar. Dude's wicked. 


Also, mad respect, Eminem is legend. 


Hop Hop wise, I'm actually a huge fan of the Trip-Hop Genre. Tricky, Massive Attack, old Sneaker Pimps, lovely stuff. May not be the sickest in terms of hip hop or rap skillz, but damn good stuff to chill to. 


Disclaimer: I'm a dirty white boy.

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