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What makes you smile?

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Game Developers that actually care make me smile quite a bit, I also smile upon meeting new people. Perhaps that's just a courteous thing though?
I tend to smile back at people when they smile at me.. otherwise I look like the jerk?

Hmm. Comedians sometimes too, but rarely. Most of the time it's forced laughter with a straight face, great for scaring anyone away:P

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I'm apathetic about pretty much anything. I got diagnosed with PTSD a while ago, haven't really had much to smile about. Don't think that'll change any time soon to be honest.

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@[member='Nyx'] We have people here that are familiar with PTS and would be more than willing to talk to you and try to help you deal with it. I'm going to tag @[member='Bromance'] because he has mentioned it before.


I'm a good listener if you need anyone to talk to.

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Happiness is all about you and learning to appreciate what you have. Hard to think, but I promise, it can always be worse. Some ways I am opposite: Deadline coming and the work isn't done, geeks running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I get asked why I am not stressing. I always remember, "If I am not being shot at, sniped at, rpged and/or IED'ed it's an amazing day." Top it off with a bit of food and a roof over my head! Can't get any better than that.


Though I do wish with all my might that a video game was really the thing to put me in a rage, because it's serious business, Stats get you paid and laid you know!!!

Edited by Bromance

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