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Many of you in this channel, I assume, don't know me.  I was introduced to ADK during my first two weeks of  game play in Planetside 2 over a year and a half ago.  I was one of the first ADK members to start to play Elite:Dangerous as a Beta Backer and was, for a short time, a very, very short time, part of the leadership here.  However, my burnout from leading on Planetside 2, seemed to follow me here, so I stepped down and stepped away from this game and moved over the, of all things, Minecraft.  Recently I've re-discovered my love of Planetside 2 and have been playing there and have been coming back slowing to play Elite:Dangerous also.


A few days ago I was in TeamSpeak with another ADK member and he was upset that another new member that he was trying to help rage quit.  He went on to explain that he bought a rival faction ship, was going to fire on the new member and, thus, a create bounty on hiself.  Then he would allow the new member to kill him and collect the bounty.


I was immediately uncomfortable with this.  To me, it's cheating. Like giving someone the answers to the test.  They don't really learn the subject material or, in this case, how to play the game, they just advance.  This is a strict Code of Conduct policy violation in Planetside 2, which states:


"Exploits include cross-faction coordination for stat-padding; don't make an alt or allow a friend to make an alt to assist in garnering you kills or score."​


But I found no such policy expressed here in the Elite:Dangerous forums.


So, am I being over sensitive on this issue? Is it really not a big deal as I feel it is?  Let's kick it around. What's your thoughts?

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I believe that Frontier Development has also implemented a system to catch folks who attempt to make credits this way and have put a kibosh on it.  If they catch you, and they will, they will ban the players who are doing it--no refunds, no re-admittance later.

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@[member='Th3eRaz3r'] I have to say, I think this should be part of the E:D policy for ADK to disallow this. I wouldn't go as far as to report them to Frontier (only because I view it as snitching) but a stern ADK foot to the ass should be in order. Just my opinion.

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I'm pretty sure if someone scans you with a k-warrant scanner and then kills you, then you pay your bounty in your rebuy screen. If that is how it works (I'm not 100% with how bounties work now), that would be pretty borderline imo, I would view it as a unintended credit transfer. Still an exploit, but could be argued as a game mechanic. If anything is added to our code of conduct, I would like to also suggest adding something definitive against combat logging.

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