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Vanguard Variant Sale

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The sale just went up for the new variants. Check it out!


https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14915-Vanguards-And-Then-There-Were-Three *


*Always remember, all ships will be purchasable with in game currency when the game comes out, buying a ship is strictly for fundraising and pregame collecting. Don't forget about REC either. 

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@[member='BookD20'] must have missed you on TS, sorry was showering and eating totally not paying attention to the phone letting me know you were around.


anywho thought id chat at you here about instead of in the ship list.


I was super torn between dropping the warden for one or the other, originally i wanted the harbinger, but after seeing the amount of spazzing over the "armor" on the cockpit and i got a little worried about having my vision obstructed. plus the black and yellow pain job was probably my favorite. On top of that i expect most people are going the harbinger route because its 5 bucks cheaper to get them all. 

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I'm thinking about going Harb with sent BUK.  the m4as and s4 gatling aren't much to shake a stick at by comparison i figure, especially when paired with the OP kitchenette.


Else it'd be sent pack with harb BUK, maybe warden BUK addon.  not sure.


currently have warden with both other BUKs in prep for switching friday.



what sold you on the sentinel btw?

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The color and the fact most people seem to want the the other two so i figured id have something a little different. the nice thing is i picked up the other two buks so i can swap out everything as needed. I'm an seriously looking forward to the long shot rail cannon they mentioned on the sent though since the QA

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The Warden was designed to have room for an armory (personal weapons and armor), the survival pod (the other variants allow ejection, but don't have the extra life support systems to support recovery out in the far reaches of space), and more space for repair components than the other variants (they all support repair, but the warden can potentially repair more times before needing to restock).

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