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Really? buff darius?

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So i love top laning, and i love darius. but he was stronk before the update... WHY BUFF HIM?  they added a delay on his q but now it heals? and his ult is a slaughter fest. don't understand the reasoning for it :/

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He was strong yes, however if you make it past gold (especially over here in OCE ranked) you'll rarely find him. He has significant weaknesses, I'd assume healing is Rito's answer to his significant weaknesses.
I'm sure you've gone up against a strong Quinn or teesatain and not been able to hit them once during landing phase. I assume healing will give him more incentive to keep pushing after the Quinn slow or teemo blind.

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Keep at it! That's all it takes, continue to beat on those wannabe's and become that rank you've sought after. :D
Then you will notice why a lot of the minor changes to champions occur because gold+ people is mainly the force behind a lot of the changes. That and people who whine all day on the forums about champs being op. Hahahahaha

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