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Tattoo's Do you have one?

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Hell yeah! A tattoo of me!


My first tattoo was on my 18th birthday and it's on my left bicep. Think long and hard about what you really want(unless you can afford to get it lasered off later. Heh. Find a competent artist with a good portfolio. Maybe find someone to draw up a tattoo for you? I have something I drew on me, only it had to be modified a little bit to make it work. I still have the original. Don't get anything out of impulse. I have an impulse tattoo and it's just there. Meaning nothing. Got that when I was 19.


I think my next one will be to cover up that one up and I'm going to have one of my friends draw it for me. She's a badass.

good advice but my mom has some tattoo's because she is old fashioned hardcore girl. so i got some of that advice from her to

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I have Marceline the vampire queen from Adventure Time and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop on my forearm. I think the pictures are on my old phone in some box some where, but if I find them I will upload them at some point.

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A few of mine. Back when they were still fresh :P


Got these done back in '07. They are faded to hell now. I'd like to get them touched up soon but the last time I tried to get a hold of my artist in Vegas, the shop told me he stopped due to personal stuff.




This is my first tattoo that I got back on my 18th birthday. This picture is after I had it basically worked over in I want to say late '05, so about six years after I got it.






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