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if you have a gun what type of a gun do you have or want

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@[member='wizdum'] I can't see this assortment of airsoft guns, it say bad access token. The other gun you have besides a Mosin is a SAIGA AK-103 like what I have only your's has forest camo spray. 

Correct, my AK comes with 100% more win.

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On 9/26/2016 at 9:47 AM, KnightsX said:

Rock River .223 pistol with Ecotech Holographic site and 3x flip to side scope and tactical light and laser

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When are we going to go to the range and have some fun shooting? :)



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I live in finland so it would be a bit difficult for me to get a gun, but possible. If i'd get one it would be purely for home defence, and or if its possible in my country, for concealed carry.

But yeah, i would probably go for a small one Maybe a 1911. I've always been a fan of the smaller and older guns, i think they're cool. A 1911 i believe would be perfect, it looks good and it's small.


Now, if i would go full MURICA' and have access to basically anything. I would love to have a Suomi KP/-31, mostly for fun and decoration. Maybe also an AK-47 or AR-15. But i think those are illegal in most of europe :/ A man can dream tho.

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I want to get a concealed carry permit and a handgun sometime in the near future. No idea what gun I should get though. I've been told great things about glocks but apparently they're not something you'd want to have concealed on your person due to weight. I'd still wanna get a glock though. Any idea which one is the best one?

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