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Are There any Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh

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hi i was wondering if there were some fans of yu-gi-oh inthis community.


why am i asking this after watching the anime i was wondering if there were actualy peolple playing like me the cardgame and are intrested to actualy talk a bit about the game itself on teamspeak or so. if there are i would like to wonder wich grade of duelist you are ( pro - fun - semi comp - etc.)

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Man...... I use to watch the tv shows as a kid. Over the years tho they kinda killed it. I played the card game quite a bit tho. I think I still have the cards. Couple of the times other kids in my schools would have custom cards that would be too op. The best part was when you rekt it and see their face afterwards. XD

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Agreed. I loved YuGiOh. I wish they would create something like that in RL. We have the technology to create holographic characters. The card game is cool, but it would be a sight to see that actual Battle Monsters come to life and move around like in the anime.

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