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Live and die, by the blade

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Hello fellow summoners, today we will be going over a guide for my favorite AD assassin...Talon



Summary of champ:

-Talon is an ad assassin that thrives off diving the enemy apc or adc all while using his mass aoe to tip team-fights in his favor. His kit is all in kill or be killed.


  1. Can 100%-0% an enemy adc at 2 items and will continue to do so till endgame.
  2. Can split push extremely well due to w and him being ad. Your item build will heavily increase your split potential and will allow you to flank in teamfights if one erupts while splitpushing
  3. You have so much kill pressure when fed that you can zone the team away from objectives.
  4. Your r gives you a surprise factor that will get you an advantage every time due to reaction times of opponents.
  5. You snowball......hard.




  1. Super mana dependent, but thats only if you waste w casts in lane.
  2. Squishy......very squishy. Most of the time in teamfights you do massive damage via aoe and you kill the enemy adc, then you die. It sucks, so just buy a zhonyas. Do it. 
  3. Can be easily countered by pink wards or true vision. Be smart when diving in teamfights or going after solo kills.


  • Passive: Mercy- You do 10% increased damage to any enemy that is slowed, stunned, rooted, or suppressed. Basically if they are cc'd you do more damage to them. Decent passive, not to strong not too weak.
  • Q: Noxian Diplomacy- This abilty is an auto-attack reset that scales massivly with your ad and leaves a dot on them that also will reveal during the duration of the dot. You can abuse this ability in melee lanes by attacking your opponent with an auto then instantly autoing them again by using q. 
  • W: Rake- This is your bread and butter ability in lane that keeps you viable. This is your ability that you need to use to poke and to waveclear. The ability goes out then back to you, damaging during each phase of its movement. It has 600 range so its longer than any currents mids auto range. This means you can cast w right when they are in their auto frame to guarantee get both procs of the spell. You can use this spell to bully your opponents off missing creeps, or punish them when they commit for one.
  • E: Cutthroat- This ability is a damage amplifier and gap closer that works on any enemy. You jump behind them and auto them. This ability allows you to reach the enemy adc and kill him. You can combo this spell by using e to the enemy adc, auto attack them, then instantly q them for massive burst damage. Your e will allow you to juke spells in lane or punish your opponents positioning in teamfights. Use this wisely as it can also be your only means of escape.
  • R: Shadow Assualt- This ability is only as good as the summoner using it. Its a very binary aoe and invis spell, but the plays you can make with it are endless. I generally save this spell as a finisher or an escape in teamfights and a chasing spell if I need to get to the backline without interruption. Basically, how you use this spell will measure how good of a talon player you are. NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER  use this spell as a gap closer if you can already reach the backline, you waste half of your damage and your biggest execute/escape ability. If you can hold this in a 1v1, you have a get out of a gank free card when the enemy rotates you. 

Ability level sequence-


I differ from most talons mid because I massivly prefer two point in w lvl 3 than a point in q. I do this in all ranged matchups as there is rarely an opportunity to use q at level three. Most ranged opponents will just harass you if you use q to farm level 3 and since w has low damage level one, they will for sure get an advantage. If you have 2 points in w at level three, you can shove wave and harass better than most ap mages level 3. Any small advantage you can get early on in a talon lane, goes a loooooooooooooong way to making your level 6 all in a kill.


Items, Glorious Items


  • Starting items- You have two choices here
  1. You can start off with crystalline flask and be a bitch. You literally are admitting you cant win lane with this buy.
  2. Or you can be a man and start longsword-2 red pots- 1 blue pot.
  • Core items
  1. You very first buy should always always always be tiamat. This allows you to shove wave or trade better. When you shove wave you get the chance to roam. Talons love roaming.
  2. Next item should be brutalizer. You need this for the cdr and raw damage increase. 
  3. You then need to either pick up boots if you havent already and then finish off youmos ghostblade. You need this for the massive early powerspike and the much needed mobility that comes with its active.
  4. Now you need to finish off your boots going either boots of lucidity or boots of swiftness. DO NOT GO BOOTS OF MOBILITY, the reason why you dont want these is very simple. You are not akali or zed when it comes to living after you dive. You generally have to run out of fights or burn summoners to get out. You need to stay as fast as you can at all points and either of these choices have more movement speed than mobis when you are hit, and you will be hit.
  5. Last whisper as your 4th item. This is so so so core on you or really any ad assassin. You need this to stay a viable threat throughout the game.
  • Situational items/other options for last two items
  1. Tri-force: This item will give you more mobility, and split push threat. Grab if you are doing more split-pushing and your team is relying on you to grab towers.
  2. Black Cleaver: Build this if at least 3 people are building heavy armor on the enemy team and your adc isnt a mixed damage threat. The cdr is fantastic as well.
  3. Infinity edge: This combined with youmous is like 40% crit and your Q can crit. If the rng gods love you then this is the highest increase in dps you can grab of all the 5th-6th slot items.
  4. Zhonyas hourglass: You read that right....zhonyas. You really really really have to practice this before it ever becomes a viable pick up for you. However, once you realize just how much this increases your survivability it will be practically core on you from then on. You can use this in so many different ways that will confuse your opponent and buy team for your team. Its such a solid pickup since talon really has no viable defense options outside of ga.
  5. Guardian angel: Super binary, you die, you come back. The resistances are nice and this is always a fantastic choice mid game if you are massively fed and you need your team to get kills.



  • Easy matchups:
  • ​Ahri: You can waveclear just as much as she can and you have a higher burst. She can never use her e in lane because if she does you kill her everytime. Be patient and harass her in lane and you can win this so easily. If she dives you simply ult, position yourself to fight in minions or with backup and then blow your load allll over her face.


  • Lux: This is really an easy matchup once you learn how to dodge her skillshots. Lux is predictable, she will try to e poke you everytime you go in to last hit. Be ready and just e to her when she does that. Half her dps is down and she will most likely panic Q when she reacts. You can then simply aa-q-aa-w and you push her out of lane. Also you can just e to her when you see her ulting as it puts you behind her. Very skill dependent but once you learn it the lane is a breeze.
  • Kassadin: Once he lost his silence, he is literally the easiest mid laner to fight with an ad assassin. He cant waveclear at all once you get tiamat because you dont have to cast spells. He needs you too, and if he burns any spell at all once you both are six, then jump on his ass and kill him. People are afraid of kass in solo que and i have no clue why, you can pick talon into him and acquire freelo.


  • Hell matchups:
  • ​Mordekaiser: This guy you will learn to fucking hate. He will shove you all day long and his shield just makes impossible to trade with. He will bully you till you get gank presence but lord have mercy if he gets once. Basically, if you want to win this matchup then you need to roam roam roam.
  • Diana: Everything about this champ counters you. Oh you want to harass? Sure let me q you for more damage and less mana. Oh you dove me? Let me w-q- then auto you to death. Oh you're running now? Let me e you back into my minions and continue to pound you. Oh you used your ulty to go invis? Let me just through a q since it reveals you and then double r you. She outdamages you so hard its not even funny, and if she goes zhonyas you've lost. Plain and simple.
  • Viktor: He's just op right now vs any melee champ. His laser burn and q poke can shove you out of lane at literally level 2. Its stupid how stong he is. You can never dive him as he will just instant ulty which gives him enough time to cast w on himself and then blow you up with his q-e combo. He cant really outdamage you but he outpokes you so hard that he either forces you to fight him or run. 



All in all, Talon is a very fun champ that you should definitely add to your champ list. He is a fantastic counter pick that you can always have in your pocket for inhouse nights or solo que. But be warned, if you show just how op he is then you rarely will get a chance to play him.


 If you ever want to watch some fantastic challenger talon play I would watch this guy: http://www.twitch.tv/killercruiser

He is a talon only main and he also does jungle talon.

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