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Build Advise for Annie ( 'w')

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i've been getting into LOL lately and was wondering if ya guys could advise me on how to play Annie :3
why Annie? CUZ SHES ADORABLE ( >w<)!!! 
so yea. . . ( ^w^)
aggressive play ( O.O) 

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Most people play her as support, but you can play her in the mid lane as well.  In mid lane, Mobility to other lanes is the most important over other utility.  Build Doran's Ring with 2 Hp Pots to start, then start building RoA and Mobility Boots.  Since Annie is more of a burst champion, its best to get faster boots and gank side lanes.


Leveling path Mid Lane should be Q<W<E<W<W<R<Q<W<Q<W<R<Q<E<Q<E<R<E<E

Go 21/0/9 Mid focusing mobility, and mana regeneration utility, and AP damage in Offence


If you're going support. Get Spellthief's Edge/2hp Pots/and a stealth ward,  Then obtain your Sightstone, and Morellonomicon for its Utility and Mobility Boots.


Do like you would in mid, but focus on protecting your ADC more often then not!


Leveling path for Support would be W<E<Q<W<W<R<E<W<E<W<R<E<Q<E<Q<R<Q<Q

(Remember, you are not the main Damage Dealer in this role, but you want enough burst to be able to help kill the enemy with your ADC.  Don't Max q First, instead Use its lvl 1 for guarenteed stuns!)

Go 9/0/21 focusing Support Utility and Ap Damage.

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I've played a lot of games on Annie, and she's probably the champion who carried my sorry ass through plat.


I have never been able to play Annie as a support because I'm used to playing her mid lane. She's fun to play mid and you can build pretty much what you want on her, it just depends on how fed you are.


I agree with @[member='ShawKill'] a little bit, however you should only build a RoA if you're getting fed. If you don't do any damage early on, you won't be of any use in the mid-game. What I usually do now is start as a normal mid laner as Shaw said, after that I usually go for Luden's Echo because it's a safe path and it doesn't rely on if I'm fed or not. Now keep in mind that as much as Annie is very useful to other lanes, you can't let that hurt your farm. If you have low farm and even if it's so great that the ADC is getting fed, it won't do the team any good if you're not there to burst down enemies in teamfights (their ADC/mid). 


So a build path on annie can be different depending on how you're doing in lane. Mine usually ends up with these items:

Luden's Echo | Morello's | Deathcap | Voidstaff | Rylai's | Sorc shoes


(keep in mind the items may not be in the order to build them). When you play mid lane you kinda have to just have a feel for what you can buy at what time. You should think about stuff like:

Is the enemy team building a lot of MR? (probably because you have an AP top and AP mid)

Am I gonna get kills in this lane, or would it be more profitable to just farm? 

When would be a good time to gank?


And the biggest question of them all: Am I ever gonna get blue buff?

Keep in mind Annie doesn't really need blue buff, so you can let the jungler keep it. However, if your opponent has blue it may be a good idea to ask your jungler for it as well. 

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