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Video of the convergence kill that almost didn't happen.

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Right now this has no audio..thats only temporary until i get some that is not restricted. This is to allow it to be put on the ADK links and accounts.


This is also my first attempt to post one of these, so if you have any recommendations i am willing to hear them.



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Just posting the regular YouTube link should auto-embed it.


All I am doing is posting ""https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lKvhwuUHX4"" below this line without the "" "" before and after.



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well the fight was twice as long as it should have been, we lost about half the team by the end of the fight and the mobs get stronger as the healers have less and less "mana" to heal with.


the way the fight is meant to go is you have 4 enemies. you spread out the team do deal and control each. every few minutes there is a middle phase which give you a few seconds of bonus damage to help kill the mobs. With out that boost the fight is longer, not to mention that some mobs gain dps and defense boost the longer the fight is. While healers can manage and restore some focus, when you have to non-stop heal you have little to no time to regen. 


Some how the frog mob managed to glitch and not have a middle phase. by the end of the fight we only had a few dedicated dps left to use. the end of the fight is a dps race to kill the remaining mobs before the room kills everyone.


In other words...what happened would have killed a lesser raid group.

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