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The Top 3 Fights on the Card I am looking forward to are the following.
1. Rousey vs. Correia (Reasons are obvious)
I would be utterly stunned if Rousey did not dominate this fight from beggining to end.(Same thing I thought about Velasquez vs. Werdum, lol)
I think the fight will either be finished in the first 30 seconds, or end before the end of the first round. It will certainly be vicious.
2. Silva vs. Palelei (Gotta give some love to the BigBoys!  +  Super Low % go to decision, from both fighters)
Fight should be full of hard strikes, definitely looking foward to it. Would be completely shocked if this fight ended by decision. Picking Palelei, from a purely statistical point a view he has a higher percentage of fights ending in both KO/TKO and by submission. Additionally, I like seeing 0% next to fights ending by decision. Even if he looses, it should be exciting.
3. Vieira vs. Lopes (Super Low % go to decision, from both fighters)
Taking a shot in the dark here, but if I had to put money on it, with out checking the line, I would probably bet on Lopes.
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Will be watching for sure as always. Rousey fight is the big fight of the night but there is also several other good fights on the card. Nogueira vs Shogun Rua should be a brawl as well as Bigfoot vs Palelei. Always look forward to every UFC fight night. Highly recommend the UFC Embedded series they post on youtube during fight week. Good Stuff.



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Rounda Rousey..... ummm Rounda Rousey and my future wife Rounda Rousey.  


It's a great card. Bigfoot is fighting and he should win his match against the Australian "Hulk".  Love the Heavy weights going at it.  


Struve vs Noguiera because again I love watching the Heavy weights strike.  Most of the time when the heavy weights are fast their striking abilities are usually one shot knock outs and those always great to watch.  Struve should win. 


In all honesty though, the Rousey fight is going to be a clusterf*ck of just her going off on Correia.  78% of Correia's fights have gone to decision.  0% of Rousey's fights have made it to the 3rd round.  So she likes cleaning house immediately.  Plus the comments about Rousey trying to commit suicide.  I am hoping the hype is real for this fight. 


After Rousey wins, I can't wait until her next fight against Floyd Bitch Mayweather. 

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I honestly have no real favs, I just enjoy watching good fights.  Especially since boxing has taken the back burner compared to MMA.  In this situation where Bethe runs her mouth constantly I'll choose any anyone over a fighter from Brazil. And yes that's not necessarily a good reason, but I don't care :) Blame it on Bethe. 



So yes I'm all for Ronda and have been looking forward to UFC 190 since Rondas last fight, and more so now because of the trash talking that Bethe has been giving. I hope Ronda beats the snot out of Bethe. 

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