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Hello ADK members... INFIDEL_JIHAD here

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Hi everyone my name is Ray, you may have seen me in your metro no explosives server ( love that server ) I play it pretty often when it's not full that is ... I mostly pull all nighters I've been a gamer ever since i can remember ( intellivision atari and when i had to type in DOS to start a game on our old WANG computer LoL ) I'm just looking to find people to play with ... I'm 38 yrs old and live in northern california inbetween sacramento and san francisco... the battlefield franchise is my all time favorite FPS franchise, I have 2 PS3's too but i only really play a little bit of poker on there and the occasional PS3 exclusive since we had our new PC built specifically for the release of BF3. I'm a PC gamer first & foremost... Let me explain before anyone asks or gets the wrong idea about my screen name ... it's just a play on words the middle eastern radicals call americans Infidels which loosely translated means non believer and of course a jihad is a holy war so basically my name means non believer holy war it's just basically a contradiction of words made to make people think not to offend... I am also filling out an application to join the =ADK= clan ( hopefully I'm accepted :o) ) ... if you think of anything you would like to ask me feel free to ask

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Hey steeler ... would be nice to see u in game maybe we could squad up ... that goes for anyone on here that wants to add me to battle log so we can play ..,. that would be great ... yeah u probably have seen me in the metro no explosives i like that server a lot

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