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Zeph has landed!

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Hi all, I'm Zephree, or Zeph for short... I even go by Zeph in real life, Tim is such a common name. I'm a 27 year old tech geek who manages an IT department and babysits servers by day, and nerds out achievement gathering at night. 


Though a bit (okay maybe a step above bit) sarcastic, I'm pretty willing to help with most any tech question folks may have, and like to become a resource on the games I enjoy for questions, etc. When not gaming I do a ton of tech work on servers, virtual servers, etc, web app development, dabble in graphic design, read comics (currently re-reading every Thor comic), and watch anime and Marvel stuff.


My online gaming "career" began in the Blizzard space, primarily WoW, and while I do still have a soft spot for Blizzard games, I'm looking to branch out and meet new people. I don't necessarily like game hoping per night, but the same old, same old of WoW has started to get to me. 


Current favorite games include:

  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Terraria
  • Minecraft
  • Grey Goo
  • Left 4 Dead (I just got into this, I know, I'm late)
  • Diablo 3
  • SWTor
  • WoW
  • Random indie games on Steam (The Last Door, Town of Salem, LYNE, etc)

If you'd like to add me on Steam my username is Zephree.



Zeph  :lol:

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Another great intro. Very nice. Welcome to ADK. I play SWTOR sometimes. I don't like theme parks. But the story quests are nice. And sometimes smashing shit with a lightsaber is fun.

Plus scamming people into thinking they can purchase my pre-order reward lightsaber crystal is funny.

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Yeah I like SWTOR mostly for the story, the other bits of play are fun for about 5 min, but there is only so much Huttball one can endure :P.

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