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Where to start -- 

Been with ADK for longer then i can remember.  Started in BF. moved up the ranks, moved over to MMO type games - H1Z1, Ark, ArcheAge, Conan, Elderscrolls, GTA Online......


Currently playing mostly NEW WORLD and MWII, but can be found playing other Early Access games (a couple of us love those game braking bugs - talking to you DMSpooky, SGCrazyman, Pinkdood, Chucker, Th3eRaz3r, HaRdLy).  You can normally find me hanging out in discord in the mornings or nights on some days, and Sunday and Monday almost all day.  Work keeps me busy - Which reminds me IF YOU NEED SOLAR HIT ME UP - I currently work in the solar industry selling solar systems to home owners - anyway enough about that, cant wait to see all the old names come back around.  


Well if you even need anything let me know.  

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3 hours ago, Naru said:

i'm just going to say, what i always say when you join a voice channel that i'm in




2 hours ago, SGCrazyman said:

Hi greg 


You both need help.  But i think you already knew that. 



Naru when was the last time you came into the channel...........lol

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1 hour ago, CaGregorio said:


You both need help.  But i think you already knew that. 



Naru when was the last time you came into the channel...........lol


have been ages, actually i was playing BF4 with Paioda, Zaizz and Virtue last sunday for a while. Pretty fun and old times


re living some memories


Edited by Naru



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Hmm, I don't know if I remember this "Greg" fella.

Join us on Discord!

Returning member?  Ping me in Discord and I'll reassign your member tags.  Looking to join? Join Discord, makes some friends and get someone to vouch for you, it's that simple

Streaming ADK shenanigans and more on my Twitch

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Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong! 

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You damn kids, get off my server!!!

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Always think of this when you had the old job!


....but now you sell solar and hardly see you as much.


Switching games after playing something else for a long time has fun side effects!

"Just going to loot this locker real quick and..."    GRENADE OUT!!!

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