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League of Legends Active Members List

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Hello fellow summoners,


Below will be a list of the current active members among the League community. This list is here to help you add people that you might not have played with yet or you just never got around to adding them as a friend. 


So there will be three tiers on this list: Active, inactive, and AFK. 

-Active means they have played with ADK members in the past 2 weeks.

-Inactive means they have not played with any ADK members in a range of 2-4 weeks.

-AFK means they have not played in 4-10 weeks (If a member is AFK past 10 weeks they will be removed from this list)

*if you are not a member, you wont be found on this list.


Active Members: Summoner names


ADK Greenshaw-LoL Manager

Phreaktaco-LoL Manager

Settleflame-LoL adviser

oADKoRabbit-LoL Admin

Veydeth- LoL Admin

ADK Pocket- LoL Adviser

ADK Kawaii- LoL Adviser

ADK Microcity

ADK Ceroloth

The Righteous










Serial Killer

OMG its Kemp



Duncan Idaho





Inactive membersSummoner names

Vladimir Zsadist



AFK members: Summoner names

Paranio Origins





If you feel like you should be on this list, or you are in the wrong spot please comment below and provide a link that shows you have played with an ADK member or tag people that can vouche for you.


If you are not a member, welp tough luck. You can always be put on here when you join ADK.

Edited by Greenshaw
updating list

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This is awesome to know ADK is also involved in LoL. Im looking forward to getting together with other ADK members to play.

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@[member='Zsadist'] well you see i cant edit this post. I pinned it when i was an admin and for some reason that screwed up the privileges with it. So yeahhhhhhhhhh i would add but ya know, cant right now

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I would love to get into the active community. My wife and I pay LoL all the time and while her friends list is full(mainly because she is a hot chick who is an AMAZING sona) I just a silver 3 dude who mids and tries (poorly) to ADC.

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i'm been here for a few weeks and this group growing on me i just want this preseason to be over so i can have people to play ranked matchs with on league. i've been very active since i found this group :P

Edited by Paranoia Origins

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