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Hey, I'm Ben. 



(Me in Vietnam two months ago, I love pho)


I've been playing games online since the late 90s which was about the time that AOL and compuserve made that possible. The first real game I played online was DragonRealms, which was a MUD (kind of a text-based MMO). I think it made me autistic, but I can read really fast now. I played that for a few years before it became subscription based and it just wasn't worth it--not with the money I was making washing dishes in highschool. 


So I moved on to playing text-based Battletech games (Mechwarrior) because I couldn't afford a good machine to play things like MW2.


I could read really fast after that.


Eventually, I went to engineering school and upgraded my job to waiter, so I could afford a sweeter rig. I played a lot of WoW beta but was so burnt out on that I never really stuck with it. I also fought in the first sanctioned MMA competition in my home state. I didn't win. I did some judo/jiu-jitsu and some muay thai, too. All of that probably slowed my reading speed, now that I think about it.


Anyhow, I graduated an moved to Denver where I worked as a software engineer for a few years. I got really into rugby, ultimate frisby, and spending way too much at clubs that I thought were cooler than they were. So I didn't do a lot of gaming. I got really bored of working at a desk so I spent every minute of my free time studying to get into medical school. 


In med school, I pretty much stopped playing sports, so I picked up MechWarrior Online--which is where I was first introduced to the idea of a gaming community. It was pretty sweet. I played competitive MWO for a year or two with a clan called Blackstone Knights. Eventually, I got tired of the lack of progress of the game and shitty balance, so I stopped playing. 


I moved to Houston to do my first year of residency, which is basically getting paid minimum wage to stick your finger up people's butts. I'm moving into my third year of residency now, which is way less butt fingering but the money hasn't changed much. I do have a little more free time, though, so I picked up CSGO to get my FPS skills up while I'm waiting for Star Citizen to come out. 


I'm pretty much down to play any genre apart from MOBA or RTS. I play a little Minecraft, GTA, BF:HL as well. In my free time I dive and drink beer.





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Welcome to the ADK forums @[member='zenlike'] ! |B)


If you have any questions about anything or wanna talk about Star Citizen feel free to join us on ADK team speak.


We also have many people playing GTA V, CS:GO, Battlefield & Minecraft among other games. I am sure they would love to have you come play with them.


ADK Teamspeak: ts.ADKgamers.com

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WOOT I knew we were going to get along well during the 10 man CSGO round . .. MW:O Founder here . . . .and a ton of other games I'm sure you play!


Check us out in BF4 and enjoy your butt-spelunking



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