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AD Garren Back At It?

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Ive started to pick back up one of my favorite cheese top laners, AD Garen. To be honest, it doesn't seem like that much of a cheese pick anymore. The addition of the new Black Cleaver's health and cdr increases has gave a major boost to the overall kit that Garen possesses. The armor shred applied from the item makes him melt through tanks and allow him to kill a squishy target in seconds with a practically true damage spin. I'm wondering how viable AD Garen is right now in all levels of competitive play. I would love to hear some feedback!

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Crap engage and virtually no mobility past a speed boost. Garen has his place, but that place is small, a riven an Nas counter. The problem with Garen is the same as Udyr, yes both of them are pretty good tanks that dish out decent amounts of damage, they have no engage past running at the enemy. If you're tanky you can atleast sorta make it to their back line to become a nuisance, but if you're full AD, any competent player would just kite you to death.

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