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Paladin Scren

Kha'Zix Tips?

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As the title states Kha'Zix i love this bug but im rusty with him idk how to use his spikes for anything but a slow and a heal if anyone has any tips to make this deal more damge then it does then plz do share.

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if you're wanting to get the most out of your void spikes, it would probably be good to build some armor pen and a lot of AD. If you are maxing it and have a decent amount of AD (around 200) your void spikes at lv 5 should be doing around 300 damage (200+100% AD - enemy resists). Kha'Zix's void spikes have taken a pretty heavy hit from various nerfs in damage from his release up until now, so you shouldn't expect it to be doing tons of damage. Overall, i think Kha'Zix's void spikes don't need to do a lot of damage to make him a fun and viable pick in the current meta. Isolation damage op.

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