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Hmmm, where to start?

If you couldn't tell by my gamer tag, I love Ghostbusters and pretty much every other movie from the 80's. Also love 80's-90's movie trivia.

My gaming experience started when I was a kid. Had an Atari and Intellivision back then and my Dad started messing around with PC's. He tried getting me into flight sim games but once shareware Doom hit I was hooked on FPS's. When HL hit my friend forced me into inverted mouse settings and I've been stuck on that ever since. I stayed away from online play until HL2 and then really got into it with TF2.

Clan experience started off in TF2 with wandering onto a TnA server. I must've been doing something right as Busdude sent me a friend and group invite so I went to the website and applied. Ended up being the main guy starting TF2 servers every day and eventually was given admin and server access. I stayed with it and a few years ago Lowell stepped down as TnA leader. Whatsupdude and myself didn't want the community to disappear so we stepped up as co-leaders. Fast forward a few more months and we ended up switching the clan's name to All Hardware. Had a good 2 year run with that and you guys know the rest.

I mainly play FPS games(COD, BF, TF2, CS:S) but also enjoy the occasional round of COH. And since some games are console-only, you'll find me on 360 and ps3 every now and then too(360-G0Z3R1AN, ps3-SHR00t_F4RM5).

Oh, and I learned everything I know from the masters uPoon and DemoDik..although I forgot most of that stuff in the past year it's starting to come back.

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Gah, I always forget how many classics are from the 80s. Das Boot, Repoman, Airplane!, Blade Runner, Full Metal Jacket, Die Hard... what a decade.

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