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EvilChipMunk in a Nutshell

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I figured I ought to finally write an intro. I had made quite a lengthy one on the old site so it's time to write another novel on the new one (with pictures)!

So...hi. My name is Minerva, and I've been in ADK since late March 2010; I even manged to rope my little brother into it (he's =ADK= Edisonik). I'm in it to wreck stuff and ruin the ADK name. I think I'm supposed to help with the servers or some crazy madness like that...and make graphics that AOB asks for for the server and site...or something. WHO KNOWS?! The best thing that's happened to me as a result of being in ADK so far? =D NRG ^.-

Okay so, I'm from southern California but go to school in North Carolina (one more semester left!). I'm an English major and have minors in both Latin and Cultural Anthropology; fellow ADK members have "endearingly" called me a grammar Nazi because as a lover of the English language, I jab at people who misspell words or don't make grammatical sense when they post/talk.

Anyhow, I've been playing games online since I was 11 and used to be quite the intense Counter-Strike player. FPSes are my games of choice though I've certainly played other types before as well. Team Fortress 2 has been my main game for a little over two years now, but the amount of time I get to play is small when school is in session =[.

A big part of my involvement in a community service group on-campus is in event planning which takes up the majority of my time. I'm in the process of putting together a 125-person convention for February but have planned a 5-day service event for 140 and a training conference for 40 before. It's GREAT; I love this stuff. Because of my duties here, I'm gone quite a lot of weekends, traveling and such.


As you may have seen from the Design Central thread, I dabble a bit in some Photoshopping. I'm the student manager at my school's design agency, working away at making others do work and designing here and there =D. Oh and I get to hire and fire biznatches, whoo =D I also have two other jobs on campus -.-


I really enjoy cooking and foodstuffs. In fact, I recently launched my blog on food things in general. I try to post every day so please check it out at www.muchadoaboutfooding.com (and subscribe)! If you want me to post something specific, let me know so I'll have material for a post!


I also love to travel (especially for food!) and have been several places (different countries as well as cities across the US) but would love to go to many, many more. I definitely travel a lot on my school's dime or my club's dime, bwahahah. Heck, I could be coming to a city near you - if that's the case, I'll make sure to be creepy and ask to meet up since I do that kind of stuff, hah. I mean, I drove to Phoenix for the LAN party so whatever =P


Pets: see pet thread (have a hamster and a dog!)

Other likes: puns and wordplay, geeky humor, children's toys, Pokemon (original 151 ONLY dudesss), animalssss, TYPING IN CAPS LIKE I'M ANGRY BUT I'M NOT NOR AM I SERIOUS

Random other pictures about my life: Cyanide & Happiness drawings from the artists on how they perceived the word "chipmunk," my gas guzzling demon of a car, and me listening to fun sounds




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